Best communication apps for workplace


With the advancement in technology ,workplaces have also upgraded and become more modern equipped with more advanced tech to get more things done in less time which would ultimately boast the productivity of people without losing the creativity due to lack of resources and work pressure .

Here we have come up with some of the nice and useful apps for communication at workplace easily with your boss and team mates to get things done on time and solve all the problems on go with these amazing apps in market .

  1. Bitrix24

Bitrix is a nice work app that helps you connect with people around the world and stay up to date with the work schedules to get it completed on time by the effort of full team.

It comes with features like file sharing and sync .one to one or one to many calling via internet, notifications, to do lists creations, calendar due dates and work schedules among many more.

Its available on all platform including desktops, IOS and android apps, you can make use of it as cloud based software or self-hosted as per your requirement.

It’s free for upto 12 employees and 5GB storage and their after comes with $99 of monthly subscription fees for 100 GB and $199 for unlimited storage.

  1. Skype

Skype is an nice app for communication which came into existence way before any of the other apps listed in this and has continuously thrived itself in the market with new features to stay in this list .

Its call rates are also cheap and its being used by almost all professionals and domestic people also to stay connected with their loved ones via video and audio chat .besides that you can send files and do text chat also by using skype .Not to forget that skype for windows can be used with your desktop video cam for video chats too .

If you are not using it, then you can start using and you won’t regret, take my word for it .

  1. Wrike

Wrike is a popular task management and communication software for workplaces to get things done on time with the team effort without any hazel .you can make schedules, calls, text messages ,video calls ,ghant chart management and many more interesting things to boast your productivity levels at work place .

  1. Flock

Flock is an amazing app which could be used as an alternative to slack or any other similar app ,as its faster and much more efficient with many new features coming in it .you can do video calls ,send text messages ,make polls ,create  to do list for yourself and other members with flock .besides that you can also integrate it with lots of other apps for synchronization of data to get work done fast and effectively .You can give it a try and let us know your views about it .

  1. Imessage

Imessage is an awesome messaging app from apple to stay connected with your team mates and loved ones.

You can make use of imessage for pc to stay connected when you are on your pc to discuss important things and get work done with full productivity.

With the help of imessage, you can send different types of file to anyone, make different groups

I hope you liked our little collection of some useful and interesting tools to communicate with your team mates and loved ones easily in and out of workplace any place across the world to get most out of your time while in the workplace without getting disconnected with your team and family .


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