New Type of Photo Booth Technology


There are new technology has been invented and they are coming into being every other day and it is no wonder that the new generation love to use these innovative technologies. So why should your photo booth be different from the others event?

Touch Screen

You will see that most of the premier photo booth hiring agencies provide touch screen with their booths. While you might not need to be explained what a touch screen in reality is, you might wonder a little on how it can make a difference to your photo booth experience. Well, the screen will allow your guests to choose from colour, sepia, black and white, vintage and other types of photo prints.  Sometimes, the photo booth service providers also allow your guests to leave HD video messages with this touch screen service. After the photo booth session is over, the enterprise compiles all the video messages to prepare the final DVD for its client.

Sometimes, companies offer HD video messaging services even if they do not offer touch screen inside their booths. Apart from be

Green Screen

Now this is another technology that you will see that most if the photo booth hiring companies are offering these days. Green Screens, however, become more relevant to add spark of life to your pictures especially when you are hiring party photo booths or Wedding Photo Booth , or traditional photo booths. However, if you are opting for green screen, then your photo booth hiring agency might ask you to give a digital picture of the backdrop, which you would love to show in your prints. When your guests will enter your photo booth, they will see a simple green backdrop (they might also give a ‘meh’ expression while shooting). But wait till the instant print comes out! They will, to their surprise and amusement, see a completely different backdrop! So with a green screen, you can virtually transport your guests to just about any corners in the world (and sometimes, even beyond the planet).

IPad Terminal And Guest Face Book

There are certain photo booth providers who appear to charge a bit higher; however, many of them also include their IPad terminal services with that. This means, the booth operator will keep an IPad just outside the photo booth. Once the photo shooting is over and the prints are made, the IPad will start showing the pictures taken in no time. Plus, every photograph will be stamped, thus allowing everyone to see the images right from the commencement of the occasion

Plus, IPads work really fast, thus enabling all your guests to choose the images that they want to upload and share in any social media platform. Plus, those who are a bit conservative types, they can also quickly send the pictures via e-mail.

Most photo book rental agencies also offer a free guest book, which you can use to carefully preserve all the pictures taken during your occasion..

HD Camera

What is a great, professional quality photograph without a High-end hi-definition camera? Unfortunately, in case of most of the cheap photo booth services, you will rarely find professionals using quality cameras. Most of them will use the more economical compact flash varieties or webcams, which will, evidently, not always produce crisp, super sharp images. However, reliable companies do not go beyond first rate SLR cameras to produce their images and in many cases, allows leaving a message, which will be incorporated in the final video print. Also, companies using HD cameras also offer an array of filters and picture effects to choose from. Since most of the filters are flexible and you can apply more than a filter at a time, you can play around, experimenting with the filters, Zooming, Tilting and trying the angles.

Wind Machine

In case you want to add that extra punch of fun to your photo booth images, then using a wind machine is the way to go. Many photo booths come with an in built wind machine. Just give the wind machine button a gentle push, and it will start doing its job. The ‘gale’ is strong enough to cause hair to blow, thus helping your guests to pose for that ‘glamorous’ shot.

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