YouTube to WAV File: Top 10 YouTube to WAV File Converter Online

In this article, We explained about how to convert YouTube to WAV File and here are top 10  YT to WAV converter tools.


Are you finding YouTube to WAV File Converter? Here are best YT to WAV File Converter Online

Are you interested in experiencing high quality yet vibrant music?  Then WAV format is the best format to adapt. Do you know it is possible to convert your YouTube to WAV?

The WAV file can be said to be an uncompressed format of the audio. In these WAV files, many kinds of music have the best sound quality, which you can keep into your system by converting the YouTube to WAV.

For this reason, many people prefer listening to their music in WAV format as it has its uncompressed format, which cannot be lost.

To begin with, you will need to convert your chosen YouTube videos to the WAV format. MP3 is the commonly used loss compression, but it reduces the size of the file to about one-twelfth of the standard size. It may sound good but can never be as good as the original quality.

According to the SEO Specialist it is a lossless format. WAV does not compress the file such that your musi9c will sound just as it is if you were playing it through a CD.

It is preferred to MP3 because it has loops with which MP3 lacks as it is unable to create seamless ones. On the other hand, WAV creates total seamless loops that do not have spaces in between them.

In this article, We explained about how to convert YouTube to WAV File and here are top 10  YT to WAV converter tools.

1Online video converter

This is a simple solution to converting YT to WAV. It also converts YouTube to other formats in the likes of AAC, M4A, OGG, and WMA. What you are supposed to do is go to the that offers you with a screen from which you fill the required details for conversion.

Steps to follow for conversion

  • Enter the URL of the video that you intend to convert or better still choose a file from your device.
  • Choose the format that you would like to convert to and, for this case, select WAV.
  • Click the start button to begin the conversion process.
  • Once the conversion is over, you can download the file, and there you go.

If you intend to convert just a part of the video, then you can choose the start and the endpoint on your screen and click on the start button. It is very easy to convert from Youtube with minimal technical knowledge.


  • you can use to convert to several  different formats as highlighted above
  • it is easy to use
  • you can just use it online, no need to download


This is an application that allows the conversion of YouTube videos to different formats, and WAV is among the formats. You are required only to click, and all the videos get downloaded from YouTube or any other site that offers shared videos.

First of all, download the XYDownloader, the free version and install it. From there, you will only need to copy the URL of the videos you need to be converted, post to the windows, and click on the download button.

Ensure you have a slider download then convert appearing, which indicates you have the selection of the video or music. Finally, click on the WAV format, and you are good.


  • Fast rate of conversion to other formats
  • You can use the software to converts to other formats
  • Easy to use


  • It cannot convert to the AAC files used by iTunes but can convert them to MP3.

3Files conversions

Choose a file from your local storage directories or the target URLs from YouTube. From there select the WAV format or any other format of your choice and accept the click button. Not, you can adjust the size of your video and set the quality as you wish it to appear.


  • Easy to use
  • You can convert your videos to any format that you want either in video or audio form
  • It is user-friendly as it offers flexibility in formats and their appearance.


  • No free version
  • Not an online application, it needs to be installed in your device.

4Online convert

It is yet another online converter that you can use to convert your YouTube to WAV. It has the ability to convert YouTube to several other formats like AAC, AIFF, MP3, OGG, among others.

It is a free converter that commences the conversions as soon as you upload the target audios.


  • It is a free version converter of audio to WAV
  • It extracts the video and converts the audio-only in case you upload music videos
  • Can converts eBooks and documents to your preferred styles


  • Cannot convert the MOV files.


It does not require installation and can only convert your YouTube to WAV and other formats.  It can convert both audios and video files.

However, you can use this converter to watch videos online. All you do is choose the file you want to be converted, and the WAV format then offers your email address. Finally, click on ‘the convert it’ button, and that’s all.


  • No installation required
  • Allows you to watch online
  • Available free cloud storage
  • Social network sharing


  • Poor speed of downloading
  • It can only convert to a WAV and no other format.

6Bender converter

It helps you convert your YouTube to WAV format and other popular formats, depending on what you want. It could be either video, audio, or both conversion.


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Can use it in any connected device whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • No registration needed
  • Fat conversions and download rates are fast.


  • A limited selection of conversion formats


This is free software and needs no registration to use it. It can convert many different files to other formats, including YT to WAV. It also changes other documents and eBooks from their usual styles to your preferred format.

All you need to do is select the original file format and the WAV format into which you want it converted to the click on the convert files.


  • Can convert any YouTube file using URL link of the specific file
  • Free to use
  • No registration
  • Can convert documents and eBooks


  • Output quality maybe less perfect
  • Support of the format is small


The site comprises of many different websites that can be used in downloading the videos to specific file formats. You need to visit the sites that offer such services. Although it does use the English language, this site offers the services and works pretty well.

First, click on the version to enter the URL link to your YouTube and choose the WAV conversion option, and that way, you are done.


  • Quick and effective to use
  • Can be used either independently  and online
  • Apart from WAV, it is also good for MP3 especially to the cell phone users


  • It is not in the English language

9Office converter

It is free and easy to use the option that can be used online without any installations. Also, there is no need to register the user but can batch convert several videos or just one. It all depends on the way you want it.

To begin with, enter the URL of the files you want to be converted from YouTube to WAV. Once you do that, click on the download and convert it, and you will be done with the process.

The converted videos can be stored for about one day, but if you are among the tool subscriber, they can be stored a whole month.


  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Can convert either single or multiple  videos from YouTube to WAV

10iTube studio: YOUTUBE to WAV, MAC OR WINDOWS

THE iTune studio for mac and windows allows you to download YouTube videos and later convert them into WAV format.

They are all free, but in case you use the YOUTUBE to  WAV download, you can download any YouTube recording to it faster.

It doesn’t require technical knowledge to use, as you can hardly damage anything.

Notably, the download is fast such that you can easily switch the YouTube videos to the WAV format or any other format that you want. Also, the software can be used in extracting audios from video files and changing the audio files. Apart from the tube studio software can convert eBooks and other documents to the required formats.


  • Easy to use
  • It is free
  • Very versatile
  • Multiple functions there are two versions for Macs and Windows.


The above-explained YouTube to WAV converter tools is the top ten best, among many others. Although yours could be different, through testing many of them, we came up with this conclusion.

I won’t dispute there may be much best software’s for conversion as they keep upgrading each day. Basing from outscoring in regards to cost (as most of the above are free versions), easy to use, and high speed of downloading and conversion is what we have concluded.

I hope you will find the best solution from the provided suggestions that can help you convert YT to WAV and hope provided YouTube to WAV converter tools helpful for you. Ensure to select the most suitable tool for yourself to finish up your tasks.


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