10 apps that take out your stress


In this day and age, stress has become part of our lives. It doesn’t matter what age bracket you may fall into; everyone is faced with challenges that may lead one to become very anxious. However, stress is faced by older people, at least, people who are above 25 since at this age you are probably trying to build your career and things probably aren’t going your way. If you are already a parent, well, you are faced with challenges of parenthood. If you are not thinking about college fees, then you are probably thinking about something else. Well, believe it or not, technology has a solution for you as this is one of the biggest tech news for you. Yes, there are apps that can help you bring your stress levels down. As we all know, stress affects us in so many ways. Stress can lead to a lack of sleep, lack of concentration at work or school, lack of thinking clearly and hence doing things abruptly or even showing symptoms of depression. Stress can even lead to certain ailments. I have come up with some ten apps that can help you unwind in stressful times.

Stress Tracker

Well, this app can be found on Android, Apple, IPhone and even iPad for absolutely free. This app was created by a team of researchers who observed and used some cognitive behavioral e-therapy . This app usually helps to track your various moods and anxieties and helps you learn what may be the causes of your various moods. This app is great.


Breath to relax

This app can be found on Android, IPhone and iPad for free. Believe it or not, you can manage stress through a routine as easy as breathing. This app helps you by use of some videos to control your breathing. The biggest advantage of this app is that it can be used even in airplane mode.

Stop panic and anxiety help

This app can be found on Android for free. It is an amazing app that helps you just relax and let go of your problems. It does this by use of emotion and relaxation training audio tracks that calm your mind down. After using it, use the apps journal to record what made you anxious and how you overcame it.

Anxiety free

This app is found on IPhone for absolutely free. This app works through hypnosis. It helps you meditate by sending some signals to your brain and just transforming you. It’s like it speaks to your subconscious and helps you let go of your anxiety. If you are suffering from anxiety, try this app, it could come handy in solving your problems.

Anti-anxiety app

This app can be found on Android for absolutely free. This app is more like your very own therapist. This app gives you a quiz, and you get to tell it your problems.  Then it designs a treatment plan for you. I mean, how cool that is.

Acupressure (Heal Yourself)

You can find this app on Iphone and Android for $1.99, cheap right? Yes, at such an affordable price. Here you just target some specific areas to alleviate pain. Some symptoms are brought about by stress such as somebody pain on some parts of your body.


This app can be found on Android for $0.99. This app helps you relax by use of some agey-music that relaxes your mind. Also helps by use of some earthy photographs.

Self-help for anxiety management

This app can be found on Android and Iphone for absolutely free. It originated from the University of the West of England.  You just tell the app how you feel and then it will help you relax by custom building a treatment plan just for you. You can connect with other users of SAM.

Amwell: Live Doctor Visit

This app is found on Iphone and Android for absolutely free. It puts you in a video call to a doctor whom you get to tell your problems and offers you a treatment plan.

Worry Box- Anxiety Self-help

This app can be found on Android for free. It is like having your journal. You get to write down your worries, thoughts and think through them with the help of the app. It is password protected so you can rest assured, no one will read through them.


Yes, these are the biggest tech news and if you are suffering from stress, try these apps.


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