Best Apps to Help You Sleep Better for Boosting Your Health and Happiness


Living with chronic or short-term insomnia could be pretty challenging. It could adversely impact your mental and physical health too. However, thanks to technology today you could seek assistance from certain sleep apps that help in understanding your sleep pattern and boosting sleep.

As per forbes, people today are used to tracking all activities including sleep with the help of smartphone apps and small devices. Here are some of the best insomnia apps or sleep trackers from iPhone and Android devices based on their reliability, user reviews, and of course, their quality.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle would be constantly monitoring your sleep patterns. It would provide daily sleep graphs and detailed statistics for an improved understanding of what is happening when you go to bed or exactly what is coming in the way of a sound sleep at night.

Sleep Cycle boasts of a super-intelligent alarm clock that has been designed for waking you up gently while you are supposed to be in the lightest phase of your sleep.


Pillow is supposed to be the best app for all those people who are interested to understand everything related to their sleep pattern. Pillow would be tracking your sleep and also, wake you up gently during your sleep’s light stage.

However, you could utilize its features for timing different types of mid-day naps such as power naps for about 15 minutes, full-cycle naps for about 120 minutes, and recovery naps for about 45 minutes. Pillow is a brilliant app that would be giving you comprehensive information regarding your REM cycles, heart rate, and exactly how long you took to fall asleep.

Relax & Sleep Well

Relax & Sleep Well is the hypnosis & meditation app created by Glenn Harrold, a noted hypnotherapist with over 20 years of work experience in the line. His app is known for featuring four main meditation and hypnotherapy recordings for free, and more than 80 in-app purchases for addressing stress, insomnia, anxiety, and more.

You may consider using the 29-minute long hypnotherapy session that has been designed for helping you enjoy profound feelings of rejuvenation, mindfulness, and relaxation for overcoming insomnia. This is surely one of the best apps to help you sleep.


Pzizz is a brilliant app that promises peaceful and restorative sleep without modifying your habits, maintaining a sleep diary or even restricting your activities. We understand that the patented system of Pzizz would be playing sleep-optimized dreams capes that would be mixing sound effects, voice overs, and music.

You could consider using the nap module for boosting alertness and enhancing your overall mood. You may try the amazing ‘focus capes’ that could be found in the app’s focus module for helping you in getting more of your work is done.

Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep

This amazing Android-only app contains six nature-oriented relaxing tracks that would act as an effective personal audio therapy for you. You could consider choosing from high-quality nature sounds, water sounds, white noise, animal sounds, and more. All these unique tracks have been designed for helping you find feelings of ultimate relaxation and you would fall off to sleep.

Sleep as Android

This Android app has been designed for tracking your entire sleep cycle and measuring or evaluating its quality basically in terms of deep sleep percentage, duration of sleep, deficit, efficiency, snoring, and irregularity.

These valuable insights into your typical sleep pattern could prompt you in making relevant modifications to your sleep pattern and habits for much better sleep at night. This brilliant app seems to be compatible with several wearable devices and that may include Wear OS, Pebble, Galaxy Gear, Mi Band, and Garmin.


All these wonderful apps could help you in learning to fall asleep much quicker than before. These apps could prove to be useful in easing your insomnia issues by boosting your overall sleep quality.


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