Natural Tips for Better Night Sleep


If you’re having issues falling asleep, on top of trying to use one of the Hush blankets that are available, consider not using any piece of technology at least 90 minutes before going to bed. The reason for this is that watching TV or being on your phone or tablet before going to sleep can keep you up.

Our bodies are made to work according with the sun, and when it gets dark, we’re supposed to get sleepy, thanks to a hormone called melaton in that starts being produced in the absence of light. However, when there are lights around (even artificial ones), this doesn’t happen. As such, when you finally do decide to turn everything off and finally head to bed, it may take you a lot longer to fall asleep.

For some individuals, this is not the case, but they do still have one issue to work through, which is that their sleep may not be a good quality one. Blue light exposure can work to delay the onset of REM sleep, which simply means that even if you are sleeping, it’s not helping you rest as much as it should.

So, what can you do instead? Consider doing other activities that are calming, but don’t involve technology. Red a book, write (in a notebook), or simply chat with your loved ones. You can also take a warm bath, as this will work to help you relax, preparing you for bed. Another option is meditating, as this helps get rid of tension that you may have gathered throughout the day.



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