How Using Meditation Can Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain


Over 100 million people in the U.S. currently live with debilitating chronic pain. Problems from past injuries, arthritis or illness can cause dealing with pain a lifelong battle that seems endless.

Many people find themselves too reliant or even addicted to opioid medications that help them deal with their discomfort. If you are suffering every day and are looking for healthier alternatives for your pain management, you need to try meditation.

Centering your mind, breathing and relaxation can actually help you to manage and reduce your chronic pain. Dealing with the endless discomfort of body pain can be damaging to your mind and spirit. Many pain sufferers experience depression and anxiety or end up living a fruitless and sedentary lifestyle.

Professional lawyers like the experts at can help you deal with the legal aspects of your chronic pain from an accident, and you can try meditation to help with the physical aspects. Take a look at the ways that meditation may help you to live a more comfortable and productive life.

Reduce Your Stress

When you are dealing with constant pain, your body and mind are under a lot of stress. Secondary muscles like your neck and shoulders end up becoming tightened and strained when you are in discomfort. Practicing the breathing and tension-releasing yoga exercises that you can learn through meditation can help loosen tight muscles and allow the body to release healing endorphins that help to fight the pain.

Increase Your Pain Tolerance

Being able to relax your body and enter a calm space through meditation can help you to increase your pain tolerance levels. You may not notice a difference when you first start, but with continued practice, you will eventually be able to breathe your body through the toughest parts of your pain.

Change In Attitude

Dealing with constant pain and the inability to move and live as you want can be tough on your attitude and spirit. People that are dealing with chronic pain often end up having to battle depression and anxiety as well.

When you take the time to allow your body to rest and your mind to focus, you are able to prioritize what is most important to you. Relieving some of the physical and mental stress that your pain is causing can lift your mood and help you move forward.

Start Small

Mindfulness meditation takes practice. It’s ok to start small with only a few minutes a day dedicated to centering your mind. Find a quiet place to sit or lay down and begin to focus only on your breathing. Feel your body working as you breathe in and out. As you continue to breathe, you can begin to consciously relax and release the tension in your body on your exhales.

As you breathe, your body and mind will become more relaxed. The simple release of tension can help you feel better almost immediately. As you practice staying focused on your breathing, you can increase the length of time that you meditate.


Meditation is not recommended as a cure-all for every kind of pain that you are dealing with but it can definitely be an effective tool to give you some relief. Open your mind and your body to the challenge of helping yourself to heal.


  1. I am curious, I have suffered from chronic pain due to failed back surgery syndrome. My surgery was about 30 years ago so I am curious if there is a time limit on legal action. I am guessing my surgeon may no longer be alive but the surgery practice where he worked is still an ongoing organization.


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