Websites like YouTube: 20+ Top YouTube Alternatives (Best Video Sharing Sites)

If you are seeking for the best video streaming sites alternative to YouTube, go through the content and you will be able to pick the right channels to substitute YouTube.


There are many video sharing websites like YouTube. Here are best YouTube Alternatives websites and apps to share your videos.

People the world over have no doubt to tell that YouTube is the biggest platform for watching and sharing video contents online. When it comes to video hosting and sharing online, YouTube is a giant and unbeatable.

The numbers of people watching YouTube and the amounts of people using YouTube for business purposes are increasing day by day. YouTube offers any kind of person with the opportunity to watch films, dances, cartoons, trailers, songs, etc.

YouTube is a developed and sprouting platform every now and then. It has grown in popularity since its inception.

YouTube has developed immensely than any other video hosting platforms and became a dominant social channel to billions of people around the world.

Today, YouTube has gained more popularity than television. It is definitely a better resource for entertainment for people regardless of their age and gender.

Although there are many video sharing sites online, YouTube has the preeminent records and followers of any site accessible for video online.

In spite of the immense influence and popularity of social media platforms, YouTube is a one social media channel that has in truth stood out above all.

There are many competitors for YouTube these days but YouTube is unquestionably the most prevailing platform for streaming and sharing videos on the web.

People always love to see alternatives to popular sites like YouTube. If you are looking for top YouTube alternatives, here are the details of some of the 20+ top free YouTube alternatives or best Sites like YouTube:

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the top alternatives to YouTube. The main aim of Dailymotion is to present the superlative video experience for its users. With the Dailymotion, video makers can share their contents with no cost and get in touch with their audiences wherever and at any time.

Dailymotion is available online from 2005 onwards and you can watch a list of videos of movies, music, trailers, etc from this channel.

Why Dailymotion?

  • Attracts 300 million users around the world.
  • Users watch 3.5 billion videos.
  • Watch films, music, sports, news, and trailers.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is another top alternative to YouTube that you can exploit. It is considered as a prime platform for watching free videos. People who are working in the fields of photography, music, dance, cinematography, etc can make use of Vimeo to upload and share their videos.

Why Vimeo?

  • High-quality devices for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos.
  • Videos in stunning HD and 4K with no ads.
  • Capable of watching videos ad-free.

3. Metacafe

If you are looking for high-quality videos, new music or video clips, Metacafe is your go-to place. It is one of the web’s biggest video sites.

The video platform is said to be one of the oldest video streaming sites and it is available online from 2003 onwards. Viewers can get entertainment in the genres of video games, movies, music, sports, and TV.

Why Metacafe?

  • Serve the best videos, watch funniest movies and clips.
  • Offer a better browsing experience.
  • Caters to approximately 40 million unique viewers.

4. Vevo

Vevo is another chief music video and entertainment site. It is an American multinational video hosting service.

The site is founded in 2009 and it is owned and controlled by a mutual venture of Google, Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Abu Dhabi Media. You can get a list of music and song video at your fingertips at Vevo.

Why Vevo?

  • Deliver services fast, hard, and promptly.
  • The continuous supply of music videos
  • Soak yourself in vocals, lyrics, and sound.

5. Veoh

If you are looking for the best platform to watch movies online, Veoh is the ideal solution for you. Veoh labels itself as an internet TV firm.

The company is based in San Diego, California and established in 2004. The site presents millions of videos and the majority of them are professionally created.

Why Veoh?

  • Music content across a broad array of genres.
  • Discover and watch major studio content.
  • Personalize viewers’ online experience.

6. DTube

DTube is another effective video sharing and uploading platform. It is just like YouTube and comes as a video platform that is established as an application on top of Steemit.

One of the things that are different in DTube is that you cannot delete or remove a video you uploaded from your channel at present.

Why DTube?

  • Provide a hub for smaller content creators.
  • Offer a lot of room for Beginners.
  • Present viewing experience without being disturbed by ads.

7. ZippCast

ZippCast is considered one of the best YouTube alternatives. It is a platform where you can upload and share your video contents with friends and family around the world. ZippCast presents a means to convey your creativity.

Why ZippCast?

  • A friendly and supportive community.
  • Classic layout designs, which you can modify.
  • Lets you to register, upload and enhance user experience.

8. Twitch

Being another important YouTube alternative, Twitch is a live streaming video site. It is owned by Twitch Interactive and a subsidiary of Amazon.

It is devoted to gaming videos and broadcasting live games. Twitch is a huge place for game lovers.

Why Twitch?

  • Watch live stream gaming videos.
  • Perfect tools for viewers and content uploaders.
  • Lets to form a community of your own.

9. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive present audiences access to movies, books, & music along with 344 billion archived web pages.

You can get some of the best videos of older TV series, news reports, and movies from the Internet Archive. Internet Archive is said to be a digital library of free books, movies, and music.

Why The Internet Archive?

  • Offer free contents of music, books, software, and movies.
  • Upload videos with ease.
  • Observe huge collection of historical content.

10. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It hosts original shows along with Hollywood movies and TV shows from a variety of networks.

You are able to watch your much-loved movie genres like Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Comedy from Crackle.

Why Crackle?

  • Watch all genres of movies.
  • Best site for viewing out older movies.
  • 100% FREE, but it contains ads.

11. 9Gag TV

If you are looking or the best place for entertainment videos online, 9Gag TV is the ideal spot for you. You can have a lot of fun when you visit the site. It has a segment for NSFW videos.

Why 9Gag TV?

  • Videos worth watching.
  • Available funny videos.
  • Share video contents with a global audience.

12. Flickr

Flickr is regarded as one of the best an image hosting as well as video hosting services. If you are looking for an image hosting and video hosting service, it is the ideal site for you.

It was founded in 2004 with the purposes of helping users to share photographs and videos.

Why Flickr?

  • Have official mobile apps for iOS, Android, and an optimized mobile site.
  • Offers a range of video formats.
  • A big means for content creators to display their skills and creativity.

13. IGTV

IGTV is a great video application useful for people around the world. It is owned by Instagram and it is made mainly for Smartphone.

With this site, people can watch videos that have been explicitly formed to be watched on Smartphone.


  • Offers vertical and long-form videos.
  • You can glance through videos only via the app.
  • Present you typical video experience.

14. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project is another great alternative to YouTube. The Open Video Project set up in 1998. It is a digital library and it incorporates something like 195 video sections.

The Open Video Project is a storehouse of digitized video. It is the best place for identifying educational documentaries.

Why the Open Video Project?

  • Includes many documentaries, educational and history correlated content.
  • Amass and provide a store of digitized video contents.
  • Set filters for a particular time period, sound, and format.

15. PeerTube

PeerTube is regarded as a free, spread out, and federated video platform. The intention of PeerTube is to make available video hosting and sharing services just like sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

It can be used as a site to generate a video hosting and sharing platform.

Why PeerTube?

  • Perfect open source video sharing platform.
  • Easy, efficient and contains no ads.
  • Explore fresh videos.

16. Wistia

Wistia is a great platform that can be used for video-hosting solutions. If you are a businessman, you will surely enjoy it because Wistia offers video-hosting solutions for business.

It allows businesses to adjoin videos to the web, check performance, and get in touch with their audiences via online videos. It was founded by Brendan Schwartz and Chris Savage in 2006. With this site, you can form, control, and share videos for business.

Why Wistia?

  • A big video hosting platform for business development.
  • User-friendly features.
  • Immense embedding functionalities.

17. Vidyard

Vidyard is a great video platform that helps business people to develop their businesses. It lets people who are in the business field to create contents and share online in order to enhance leads, speed up the channel and keep customers contented.

Vidyard founded in 2010. This platform combines with robust tools and other marketing methods used by a lot of marketers every day.

Why Vidyard?

  • Assist business to convert and connect with clients online.
  • Help digital marketers and online businesses.
  • Aid you to drive business development through video.

18. Brightcove

Brightcove is a great video platform available online these days. It is a top online video hosting platforms and it presents online video player solutions for people the world over.

It was founded in 2004 and it comes with all in one video solution for broadcasters, publishers, and ventures.

Why Brightcove?

  • User-friendly features for uploading and managing videos.
  • Great opportunity for broadcasters, publishers, and enterprises.
  • Ideal publishing device for video, images, audio, and text.

19. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is a great video platform that can be perfect for businesses. It is mainly planned for small as well as medium-ranged business.

The service provides three plans such as SPROUT, TREE, and FOREST for users. It presents devoted customer support. Security features, track video engagement, and analytics make SproutVideo unique in the field.

Why SproutVideo?

  • Dominant, easy to use, and within your means.
  • No ads for hosted videos.
  • Easy to create and upload video contents.

20. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is considered as a video-on-demand service and it is managed by Facebook. Facebook formally pierced into the video streaming world with Facebook Watch.

It incorporates a lot of popular videos, inspirational stories, and how-to’s guide. Facebook Watch explores a set of real-world topics. It lets viewers watch exclusive video contents.

Why Facebook Watch?

  • Presents the best video focused service
  • Allows creators to generate and publish videos on its platforms.
  • Any person can form their own channel and begin publishing videos.

Other YouTube Alternatives

There are many other platforms that can be used as an alternative to YouTube. BitChute, Screen Junkies, MySpace, Smores, Viddler, Photobucket, etc are some of the notable video platforms that can ideal alternatives to YouTube.

Final Notes

When it comes to video creating and sharing, there is no better choice than YouTube. It is a giant in the field although there are a few competitors accessible online YouTube is surely the most famed and much sought after video generation and sharing channel out there.

If you are seeking for the best video streaming sites alternative to YouTube, go through the above contents and you will be able to pick the right channels to substitute YouTube.



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