How Web Design Has Evolved In the Past Decade


With the growing advancements in the field of technology and digitization, expecting a revolutionary change in the web world is nothing sort of a vague expectancy. The bonafide ideas surrounding the world of the internet and digital media is indeed something that actually deserves respect and appreciation if nothing at all.

With changing times, we have seen such growth in this niche that today, we expect the unexpected as well! To be precise, the detailing with which the web world has evolved so far must not be underestimated at any cost. One of the most crucial parts of the technical forte is the website designs, the logos, the imprints and all things associated with making the website look appealing and entertaining to the visitors.

Also, with the evolution of such various tools and techniques, making an impactful web design for your website is no more a tough task. With passing times, the evolution of website designs has grabbed our eyeballs and it continues to amaze us day by day.

So, what are the major aspects that changed from time to time to bring about the revolutionary change in the world of website designing?

Well, to be specific, earlier, it was only the content that grabbed the entire attention on any website that was created for people only visited them for getting info regarding whatever they are looking for! But today, it is not the case anymore! From exquisite decorations of the websites to implementing infographics, logos, sitemap & navigation, etc. website designing has indeed proved its mettle in the digital industry.

Nowadays, the visitors stay and explore the websites only if they like the appearance first, the dull looking web designs or the ones which are not productive enough to grab their attention, not only fails to impress the visitors but also lists below on the SEO rankings.

And every digital marketer must know that if you are not impressing the Google statistics, then you are failing to build an SEO-friendly website which in turn will make your website unnoticed in the search engine. So, we can see today the developments and advancements in designing a website have changed 360 degrees unlike before when the primary motive was filling the content with useless information!

What are the parameters that we should look out for in the websites today to declare it as a responsive web design?

Not that the content isn’t the key today anymore but apart from it, there are many things that make website advanced, appealing and helps in gaining the topmost rank in the search engine optimization listings.  To start with, we can still keep content on the top priority as it is the primary source of making a website SEO-friendly.

One more thing that plays the key role in making website designs enhanced is making it all device friendly. When you build a website which only supports a desktop view or mobile view, you are only half the road towards achieving web traffic, but when you make it all device friendly, you ought to get more users.

Also, the infographics, the page speed, the logo designs, the template designing etc. makes your website a rebel in front of the tech experts and it is bound to earn you recognition on the web world!

And so,

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