Twitter Vs. Facebook: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On?


We all know that the best way to level up in your business is by taking it online. With people using their cellphones almost every hour of the day, you need to have an influence on the internet. One way to do it is by bringing your business to social media platforms. There are many platforms to choose from there Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. But two of the most successful social media platform is Twitter And Facebook.

When you start to implement a social media strategy for your business, the first thing that comes into your mind is where your business should be, on Twitter or Facebook? Although both social media sites are significant opportunities to connect and engage with a network, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website, they’re also different in terms of purpose.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook’s purpose is to connect people with their friends and family, share photos, videos, and general updates on their lives. You can add friends all over the world, so if you have friends or relatives in other countries, it will be much more comfortable with Facebook. Facebook users can post pictures to update their friends about their vacation, food trips, gatherings, etc. And with the constant updates, now you can even go live or watch live streams from your favorite artist or gamers.

What is twitter?

Twitter, on the other hand, is used to share ideas, real-time information, and trending news by people posting short messages called “tweets” with 280 characters or less. What makes Twitter popular to its users is because you can glance a lot of tweets with just a few scrolls because of having a striction on the message size. It serves as an outlet for people who want to voice out their thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. to their followers. You can get vital information on the latest buzz and news with Twitter’s trending section by using a hashtag or a frequently used word. Celebrities and even world leaders use Twitter to connect and influence their fans and the community.

To figure out which platform is a better business investment of your time and resources to keep your company on top, continue reading this article.


As of the fourth quarter of 2018, the total number of people in the world who use Twitter is 321 million while as of the first quarter of 2019 Facebook has 2.38 billion users who indicate that Facebook undoubtedly reaches a broad demographic. Twitter typically appeals to a younger demographic called “millennials”; users are between the ages of 18-29, while only a number of people ages 50 and up use the platform. Facebook, on the other hand, also appeals to the senior generation called “baby boomers” because it’s user-friendly and easily accessible. The age group in Facebook has an 18-29 age group up to the 65-74 age group, which proves to be more famous for an older demographic, as well.

In terms of active users, there are 330 million people monthly who are keen on Twitter while Facebook has a huge 2 billion active users in a month last 2017. This data means that Facebook wins by a landslide in terms of mass appeal. So if your target customers are millennials, you can focus on setting up a business on Twitter or if the products your offer are sellable to a wide range of customers, focus your business on Facebook. It’s best to determine what is your target audience and research on which platform their most spend their time.


When it comes to advertising opportunities, both of these social media platforms have something to offer so that you can establish your brand and get above your competitors. It’s like having a website which you need to have SEO Outreach and other tools to move past your competitors. In general, advertising on Facebook allows you to reach a broader audience. Additionally, Facebook ads can be relatively cheap and come with some powerful targeting tools, enabling you to narrow down salary, purchase behavior, hobbies, Facebook communities, and many more. Using these tools means you can narrow down your target and focus on getting the attention of the individuals who will most possibly buy your products or the services that you offer. Facebook has other features like detailed analytics, where you can see complete information about your posts, your level of engagements, and the audience that you have. It also has a “Pages to watch” feature which enable you to track your competitor’s pages so that you’ll be able to keep ahead of them. With Facebook having a lot of users, your business has to spend a lot of time to get the attention that your brands need; thus, you may need to spend on paid advertisements. And they also have a “Facebook Messenger for Business,” which allows your customers to ask particular queries about your products and services and be able to provide a fast response.

Twitter also offers analytic tools, targeting capabilities, including purchase behavior, language, interest, and followers. However, Twitter ads are typically more expensive and can be as high as 1-3%, much higher than Facebook’s average CTR of 0.119%. In terms of targeting the right audience, it is harder to do in facebook because of it’s broad demographics of users, unlike Twitter, which has a less complicated demographic. Twitter also has other features to offer like “Twitter Cards,” where you can get emails and be able to create leads for your brand. An “Anti-harassment feature,” which you can use to make sure the content you create has a strong reputation and is safe for users in order to gain the trust of your target audience.


In getting your business online, engagement is vital to success. According to studies, Facebook has 700 interactions on the average for every million of followers, while Twitter followers have 300 interactions with brands. In Facebook, businesses can interact with their followers for a longer time and be able to create a broad impact than Twitter. It is because your tweets can easily get washed off the timeline without even getting the effect that you expect. That means you have to post tweets to have more engagement with your followers frequently.

Twitter also has a winning side, by it being a fast-pacing social app, you can make use of it to target customers who are distracted easily by advertisements have short attention spans. And with the message size restriction, you just have to prepare witty and creative tweets with catchy phrases that will catch the attention of your followers. But in using Facebook for your business, you have to have an elaborate marketing strategy, which means you need to prepare a post with pictures or marketing videos to gain attention.

Purpose and Functionality

You have to understand the purpose and functionality of these two social media platforms. Users on Twitter have their accounts to get new contents right away and be updated with the latest and trending news in the social world. While Facebook users use the platform to connect and get updates with family and friends and to have more extensive interactions with people. With Facebook, you can get a wide range of audience, but it can be hard to obtain likes on your business’ page while it is easier to earn follower for your twitter account. But in terms of reaching out to your customers, you can easily do this with Facebook than Twitter.


Twitter’s trending topics gives your business a chance to be seen by Twitter users from around the world. The Twitter archive feature will help your business see which tweets and campaigns perform the best, and use the formula for future tweets. The conversion tracking feature helps your business by viewing the full conversion impact of your promoted tweets. Facebook page insights will help your business by determining how well your business page is performing and which factors need improvement. Scheduled posts feature lets users to schedule their content to be posted at a later date, so you have more time to worry about other parts of your business while Facebook does all the work for you. For an affordable price, Facebook will increase your brand’s visibility and will highlight your relevant posts about your products and services, promotional offers, and more.

Take Away

In the end, it will be all up to you to select which social media platform is best to take your brand to the next level. Both Facebook and Twitter can bring your brand to a whole new audience; they have their own advantages and disadvantages. In choosing which platform for your business, it’s critical that you determine which one your audience prefers and tailor your content to match either platform. Ultimately, it’s likely best to try both Twitter and Facebook for a while if you’re unsure which one works better for your brand and since they’re both free to use, there’s no harm in initially trying both. Have an experiment by setting up profiles in both platforms and figure out a healthy balance.


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