10 Step Guideline to Create Your Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy


Again, it is that time of the year when you need to put thought over your digital marketing strategy. As the weather starts getting cool down, the brains of marketers begin to warm up and make an estimate about the budget of New Year. The million dollar question that pops up is that what platforms are going to get more exposure in 2018.

How to Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By sticking to the say, “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today” we offer you with a guideline of digital marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

1. Get started with Instagram

Instagram has been leading among all the leading social media platforms. The younger generation has flocked all the social media wit and determined it. With more than 700 million monthly active users, there are almost all kinds of individuals available here. Advertisers are also getting opportunity to share their content through filtered photos. Indeed, Instagram is the most natural ways to share content for your brand and stay ahead of other counterparts.

2. Facebook Lookalike Audience

What do you understand by Facebook Lookalike Audience, and how does it fit into your digital marketing strategy? According to Facebook, Lookalike audience is the group of those people who are likely to be interested in your business because of the customers list that they already care about. While selecting the custom audience, the marketer can choose to create lookalike customers that are similar to the custom audience list.

3. Paid Promotion

Adding certain amount in the promotion of your brand to selected posts will drastically increase the interaction with target audience. When you boost your posts for a little budget, it makes a noticeable spike in communication as well. The possibility for a business to appear high in the newsfeed is less likely unless you focus on the result-oriented posts and boost them for a certain small budget.

4. Email Marketing

If you are a business that sends out one email per month, you literally need to put though over it and at least increase the number of times. For instance, Nordstrom is a well-known brand; it sends multiple emails blasts every day, which is quite compelling. In addition, if you have to acquaint your customers with informative content, you do it through email communication effortlessly.

It goes without saying that email marketing is one of the best channel for ROI. Now, you have to start strategizing about how you will make it a part of your digital marketing strategy in the next year.

5. Twitter Outreach

Among all the marketers, there has been a lot of frustration over advertising for so long. It is like that the various social media channels are forcing business to join in. On the upside, Twitter is still a great platform where business have a lot of chances to grow organically. By searching for hashtags within the industry and using them, you can reach out the audience in fashion. Due to the core following of the people who are interested in your content, the result will be highly interactive. Today, twitter has more than 1 billion registered users, you can start reaching your target audience now.

6. Blogging Plan

We suggest to start up a compelling blog as it has the potential to rank your project in the search engines organically. A good blog serves for the many purposes such as content for Facebook and Twitter post, and teaser for an email marketing campaign as well. for increasing your web traffic and make your content more compelling, it is very necessary to create some good quality blog content.

7. Google+ Game

However Google+ might not help you in gaining interactive audience through social media posts, it is a platform that plays a crucial role in search engine optimization of the brand on local level. It is why that makes it a must for marketers.

When you get reviews about the products, you post more content onto your pages considering the feedback of your followers. As a result, possibilities are increased for your ranking on the local search engines.

8. Compelling Graphics

Compelling graphics is one of the major factors that makes you receive more interaction on various social media channels. For instance, if you already have a graphic designer in your team, give him a briefing of your social media calendar so he may create beautiful imagery by taking his time. Since every entrepreneur intends to increase engagement on his brand, and great pictures help certainly.

9. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary element for your brand. When you plan out an SEO strategy for the brand, it helps in increasing leads, maximize income, and grow your business for the upcoming year.

10. Unique Promotions

For such kind of promotions, it is essential to do some brainstorming. It is a method through which people enjoy driving massive publicity for your company. Whether it is a promotional giveaway, contest, or a photo upload promotion; you can always entice your followers and fans on social media to interact with your brand in a very clever way.


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