Top Five Instagram Analytics Tools with their Pros and Cons


If you are running your brand on Instagram then it is important to run it in such a way that it can improve your brands’ presence in the social media world. Using different analytics tools can help a lot when it comes to analyzing different things related to your brand. Many successful brands and businesses are using these tools to know about that how they are doing in the Instagram platform. Following are the pros and cons of five different Instagram Analytics tools.

1. Sprout Social

It is an analytic tool, which focuses on the quick insights regarding your posts performance in the platform. it is used to track the engagement, measure the ROI by comparing the both the organic and paid campaigns.


  • The tool provides different webinars in order to provide education to optimize their tools.
  • Gives the ability to schedule the Instagram posts in a more clear manner.
  • Option to manage multiple platforms for more than one business.


  • The mobile app version does not include the analytics portion.
  • Time consuming to explore the features.

2. Iconsosquare

This tool lets its users to share their performance reports to other people through emails. Just like other analytics tool it allows you to schedule posts, tagging different accounts and adding locations to improve the engagement level.


  • Easy to use as compared to other tools.
  • Splits down all the details of the content to simplify it.


  • Can be confusing to many users due to breaking down of content.
  • Cannot upload large images.

3. Union Metrics

This tool highlights all the top followers of your Instagram account. These Instagram followers are the users which are the most engaged ones. It can also track the engagement level of the stories through noting the reach and impressions.


  • Ability to track the hashtags.
  • Can handle large number of data.
  • Some of the service features are free for the users.


  • Some plans can be expensive.
  • Can be slow sometimes.

4. Squarelovin

It is used to check that which type of posts attract the followers attention. The tool also shows that which types of hashtags can be best to use for certain posts and which time is appropriate for it.


  • A great tool which is totally free.
  • Can track the accounts’ growth in different time periods.
  • Shows the followers when they are active.


  • The analysis starts after the first month.

5. Keyhole

This analytics tool allows the users to learn about their accounts’ growth and also the growth of the competitors, which you have in the platform. It gives the opportunity to the users to share their dashboard with the clients and the team.


  • Tracks that what people are saying about your brand.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Different from the free version of the Keyhole analytics tool.
  • Have to set up the trackers before the process otherwise it can be tough to do add in the different trackers you may need for your work.


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