The Ultimate Travel Checklist for An Awesome Road Trip


It is always fun going for a trip. People say to take time out of a busy schedule and go on a road trip and that you’ll have less tension and stuff like that. To unwind, if you may. What we have to realize is, that we are not escaping problems. They will come back and we will face them boldly. Then, why would they say that? It’s the awesome experience and the take-aways. You’ll come through beautiful lessons, situations which will add an even wider perspective, tonnes of memories to live with for the rest of your life. But it needs to be a well-planned trip that the enjoyment isn’t truncated. Will you ever try to remember a trip which is midway dropped? No, right? Only a well-planned journey can get a place in your beautiful memories.

Here, I have shortlisted the most important things you need to look to for your trip.


This should be your first priority before planning the trip. Always choose the vehicle that you’re familiar with. An SUV is preferred everywhere, the fact that the roads are unpredictable and the features and sheer power it produces. Be familiar with the car. You should know the car inside out. Additional accessories, if your map includes off-roading, like fog lamps, traction ramp etc will come in handy.


Another important thing to consider is, with whom you’re going to travel. Some people won’t like long trips. Explain your whole itinerary or plan to your group before taking them along with you thus avoiding all the unhappiness and fuss. You could do a solo trip, but it will be more fun if you’re with your friends. They are the real deal! They know how enthusiastic you are, and they will agree to travel with you. Don’t travel alone if you’re doing it for the first time.


Okay, let’s get back to the materialistic world. The roadside emergency kit includes accessories like jumper cables, flashlights, and reflectors. A flashlight is very helpful in situations where your car battery dies in the middle of the night. Warning signs are necessary if you have stopped your car by the drive-way for some repair work so that other drivers are alerted. In addition to the standard first-aid kit in your car, pick specific medicines according to your needs.


It’s very obvious, but you know, it needs to be on this list. The documents include

  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Certificate of Insurance.
  • Driver’s License.
  • Emission Test Certificate.

Also, carry at least two ID proofs with yourself and your car’s manual. If you don’t carry any of the above mentioned papers, then of course, the police will take care of your lovely trip because ignorance of law is not an excuse.


Spare tire comes as standard for all cars. Make sure that all the tires are in good condition. Don’t let yourself to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with flat tires. This is where the pressure gauge comes into play. It’s easy to fill your tires with air with this equipment.


Most of the vehicles come with an infotainment system, so there is no need to worry about getting lost. But don’t blindly follow the GPS to everywhere it says. Cross-check the route with a physical map. Sometimes you might lose connectivity, but thanks to your Map, the day is saved.


Pillows, sheets are very important because some of the hotels might not provide great linen. Foldable chairs if you have space in your boot. Bluetooth headsets in case of emergency calls, tissues, hand sanitizer, small bags for garbage and duct tapes should not be forgotten, but you can buy these on your way. Lastly, your favorite playlist. Any trip is not complete without your favorite music. Music will make your trip more memorable, will surely help you connect the timelines when you hear the same music years down the lane.


If you know to cook, do carry a portable cooking grill. You are not going to find good food everywhere and some might make you sick. Maybe you could create your own dishes. Carry food in zip-lock bags. Don’t forget chocolates 🙂 Who doesn’t like chocolates! An important item in the list is water. Drink lots of water. The most common thing people face while traveling is dehydration. Always keep yourself hydrated or it is liable to interfere with your concentration and kill your focus on the road.


Liquid cash it is! And of course, the remaining bulk shall be plastic money, so you do not have to worry about losing it. You need ample liquid cash in your hand for immediate expenses on the move. You’ll need money to get through some places and situations, if you know what I mean with cops. Also, you might not find an ATM when you desperately need one.

As we observed in the beginning of the article, the vehicle you drive is of utmost importance. Take the car to service center early as you start planning the trip. A thorough check to evaluate the ‘trip readiness’ is a must. When I say a car, it’s better to go for an SUV. SUVs can tackle almost anything on its way.

Try to gain a bit knowledge on how to make handy repairs to your car. A little technical know-how will help you out of situations like break-down, flat tire etc. Buy a few basic tools before hitting the road. A road trip will give you millions of memories and will be your chance to meet new people, discover new places and an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Happy touring!


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