Spending some memorable days while touring the historic city of Mysore


Mysore, home to a mass of interesting tourist attractions, is indeed a destination to visit. From the iconic palaces to the extravagant festivals and events, there are different allures to enjoy while holidaying in the city. Head to the bewitching city for a fun vacation and pick from the best hotels in Mysore.

Largely known as the “City of Palaces”, Mysore takes pride in being the second biggest city in Karnataka. As rich as the ultra-luxurious palaces in the city are, so extravagant is its history. It is perfectly apt to say that the city has a certain charm that one simply cannot escape. Set on the base of the everlasting Chamundi Hills, it is a place home to golden history and various remnants and citadels from the by-gone time. Its well-known historical monument, Mysore Palace is widely popular amongst the backpackers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage and was once the residence of the royals Wodeyars. Today, it is a symbol of the richness and the lavish way of life that the past rulers spent. Additionally, the interesting Railway Museum, the famous Brindavan Garden, and the highly revered Chamundeshwari temple are only a couple of the different images of the city’s electric character. Book the train tickets, book one of the best hotels in Mysore, pack your knapsacks and get busy exploring the quaint attractions of the city.

Mysore palace

The moment you arrive, the first site to visit is the Mysore Palace, which is otherwise called Amba Vilas. It is said to be the a standout amongst the most lavish and creatively adorned royal residences in India. During Dussehra and on weekends, the castle is lit with about one lakh bulbs. The grandness of the castle attains a whole new level at that time and it appears as if the entire royal residence is made of gold. The main entry to the palace is the Southern Gate. Arches and pinnacles covered with gold and red colors present a lofty sight of the royal residence.

Another royal residence of note in Mysore is the Jagan Mohan Palace. It was made in 1861. For a brief interval of time, the Maharaja of Mysore took abode in the palace for the fact that Mysore Palace suffered severe damage when it had a burnt down. The components of neoclassical and Hindu-style architecture in the design as well as in the carvings of this royal residence are just stunning. There are some vases made of porcelain as well as some bronze relics.

While you are here, make sure that you visit the Somnathpur temple, which is situated in the eponymous town. The town is a historical place that lies on the banks of Cauvery stream and was set up by the head of the Hoysala armed force, Somnath. There is also another revered temple, called Keshava Temple. It is a fundamental attention puller, and looks marvelously excellent with its highly detailed sculptures. The whole temple is set on a raised stage and is encased inside of a walled court with a little patio and a passage to the front. The sculptures recount the functioning of the Hoysala armed force with the sculptures in various fighting positions, troopers, arms and ammo and Lord Vishnu.

Bangalore is the nearest airport and most travelers tend to reach Bangalore first, and subsequently to the other parts of the state. Regular flights like Go Air Airlines, Air India, Indigo aircrafts and Spicejet fly to Bangalore from various states. Mysore has its own specific railroad station and there are frequent trains to serve the station.


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