Toyota Funky i-Ride Could Be My Next Drive


It is another new blast from the Toyota Company. The i-ride is a new three-wheeled kind concept that the Toyota Company has devised. The main aim of the company is to enable one who may own the i-ride at some time to zip around the central business units and business centers while burning nothing much than rubber.

Top Features

This new kind upcoming has both features for a full car and full features for a motorcycle. It is just an amazing innovation that no one can accept to be left behind. It can keep your floss intact while protecting your reputation and giving you a class that everyone could admire. It has been the latest tech news that has hit the automobile industry and for real, everyone is like longing for great disbarment of the i-rides to the bay countries. For me, am waiting for it like a new catch I have ever waited for.

The Automakers of the i-ride (Toyota Company) foreshadows the need to navigate around city centers and business centers with ease. It could be the main reason as to why they came up with this i-ride automobile. The Toyota funky i-ride combines both the advantages of a motorcycle and that of a real motor vehicle. That is, it is enclosed and also uses the normal car controls you are used to when driving this other vehicle. This feature makes one not to categorize it as a motorcycle. However, on the other hand, it’s nimble, thrifty and easy to park just the same way motorcycles are. This feature makes it be of much fun, and it’s weird to see how amazing this i-ride looks like. The Automobile, as I could refer to it is less than three feet wide and seven fit long. The make seems to take an imagination of someone cutting the middle third of a smart car and smashing the outer bit.

In addition to the above, it has a maximum speed of 37mph. This speed matches the thoroughfares of all speedy drivers. It has a range of 30 miles, and this incorporates all errands of any day both normal and abnormal. A unique feature about the i-ride is that at low speed, the single back wheel of it does the steering. It gives one the pleasure of a speedy boat, and that felt when drifting a car.


Basing on the future of urban transport, The Toyota Company has done a great deal and rock the world news, so that the next generation’s environmental performance and city navigation is enhanced. It is because the compact size it pertains makes city roads to appear wider. Due to all this, I can’t deny that this Toyota funky i-ride could be my next new ride. The latest telecommunication news and up comings also come in agreement with my notion. It is because the technological make up that the i-ride possesses many with no option than to wait for the departure of the i-rides to Bay countries.



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