How GPS Tracking Systems Work for Tracking Assets?


How many of you use GPS system? I am sure, Most of you. Do you know how GPS work? Actually, Global Positioning System or GPS is a navigation system that is satellite based and transmits signals to earth. These signals help receivers to know the time and location and today, GPS is mainly used in cars so that drivers get the detail map and directions of the place they are heading to. Now-a-days, companies can get the benefits of asset tracking system by GPS.

How Was the Traditional Asset Tracking?

In previous era, the asset tracking was difficult. The whole process was done manually and it was too much time-consuming. There was a bar code on the shipment and workers used to scan it. This process had enough chance of mistakes and lack of information was another drawback. Therefore, if any asset was lost, stolen or misplaced, it took days and even months to recover it.

How GPS Helps in Tracking Assets?

While transferring goods and services, the vehicles you use are not the only assets. The materials that your car is carrying and all the hardware of the vehicle are regarded as vital assets. Now, the question is how GPS help in asset tracking? By installing a small and mountable asset tracking system on your assets, it is simple to locate their position through your computer or laptop. Today, you can track your asset from your smart phone by installing the tracking app. So, it can be said that if you want to secure your assets and increase the safety of those, GPS asset tracking system is the best option to look for.

How GPS Helps Fleet Managers?

Installing asset tracking hardware gives you update about the present position of your car and the asset at least 8 times a day. So, it is quite definite that this has lessened tension of the fleet managers-

  • It is simple to monitor the location of the assets, even at remote locations.
  • Gives perfect information about the right equipment needed at the right place. Thus, flawless control over various job sites is possible.
  • It has reduces the risk of losing or stealing assets.
  • If any assets are stolen or lost, this GPS asset tracking system has made it possible to recover those again.

Types of Monitoring Assets

There are mainly two types of systems are used for monitoring assets-

  1. Passive- This is a version of the traditional system. Here, a logbook is maintained for monitoring the current movement of the asset.
  2. Active- This solution is belongs to the modern time and uses all technologies to locate and monitor your asset without fail.

Hopefully, you have understood how GPS helps in asset tracking. So, from now on it is easy to track your asset and keep records of its movement. If any of your assets is lost, you can claim money to the insurance company and stop paying the taxes immediately by showing the proof.


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