Tips To Double Your Site Traffic Using Content Marketing


There’s a time and a place to buy website traffic for improving your brand’s profile, image and SEO performance. However, there’s also a time and place to focus on hard work and commitment to build the kind of traffic influx you need.

The simple fact of the matter is that you eventually need to get yourself in a position where the traffic you require to sustain your business comes your way naturally. And not just sustain your business, but help you write your ongoing success story. These days, it’s no secret whatsoever that content marketing represents the single most effective approach when looking to boost traffic volumes.

But if looking to give your traffic a genuinely enormous push in the right direction, where’s the best place to start? What elements of content marketing should you be focusing on, if you have the intention of perhaps even doubling your current site traffic?

Well, the exact approach required will always vary in accordance with the size, nature and objectives of your business. Nevertheless, the following suggestions and guidelines can be of universal value for any and every business looking to significantly improve traffic volumes:

1. Learn Where Your Audience Hangs Out

Spending vast amount of time and money on the creation of outstanding YouTube videos is all well and good. But if it turns out that most of those in your target audience spend far more time hanging around social networks like Instagram and Facebook, there’s no sense wasting your money elsewhere. Which means that before even thinking about casting your net, you need to think about exactly where and when you need to be casting it. After all, if there’s nothing to catch, you’re going to walk away empty-handed.

2. Encourage Sharing

Each and every time one of your readers or customers shares something about your products, services or businesses with someone else, this amounts to one additional prospective customer. Meaning that the greater the extent to which your content is shared, the better your traffic volumes will perform as a result. As such, along with sharing your content via as many platforms and methods as viable, you also need to ensure that you are publishing the kind of content that is as sharable as can be. The kind of content the average reader simply will not be able to keep to themselves, instead feeling compelled to share it with others.

3. Generate Discussion

When using social media, always do your very best to generate discussion. Which basically means that each and every time anyone posts something on your wall, comments on one of your posts or anything else across the board, you need to get right in there with the crowd and nurture engagement. Always remember that comments, likes, updates and everything else across the board appear in the news feeds of your fans and followers. Meaning fantastic exposure in front of their own social and business circles alike.

4. Find Viral Content

Easier said than done, but get it right with viral content and you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of hits in the space of a single day. The secret to nailing it with viral content being that of ensuring you are the first to find it. Unfortunately, viral content – not to mention the kind of content that is genuinely shareable – simply isn’t going to fall into your lap of its own accord. If you really want to provide the masses with content they feel compelled to share, you need to work hard to find it and get it out in the open before anyone else does.

5. Focus On Quality

Of course, the single most effective way of bringing vastly more customers to your website on an ongoing basis is to improve your Google rankings. Which in turn means taking your search engine optimization efforts to the next level. Which means focusing on quality above and beyond everything else. While it’s true to say to things like keyword research, link building and so on all play key roles in SEO, nothing matters more than providing content of quality and value. After all, provide your target audience with exactly what they need and you will naturally climb the rankings as a result.

6. Publish A Blog

A professional blog can also be a great way of nurturing customer loyalty, attracting new customers and boosting your SEO profile – all at the same time. The reason being that when you create a high-quality blog and post new content of value on a regular basis, you fulfill each and every requirement in the minds of both the consumer public and Google alike. Your existing customers have every reason to keep coming back for more, new customers can instantly identify your brand as one of authority and your search engine rankings improve on the back of your regularly updated, unique content of high quality. An absolute must for any business looking to get ahead.

7. Guest Blogging

Last but not least, guest blogging represents a fantastic and entirely unique opportunity to tap into the popularity and influence of other websites. You create a post of high value and relevance, the post is published on the blog of a popular website of some kind and you personally benefit from not only enhanced exposure, but also a direct backlink to your own site or blog. It is a process that typically takes quite a lot of time and effort, but has the potential to deliver rewards of limitless value.


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