Technology Trends 2021: 8 Top Trends


If the tech trends of the last decade are informative, innovation and disruption will span major industries at an unprecedented scale.

Learn how to sit in the driver’s seat and not be a victim of disruption in the top Nine Tech Trends that will Rule 2021.

The Internet of Everything, Connected Cars, 3D Printing, the Internet of Home and more.

We take a look at the top trends shaping this year’s technology landscape.

1Wireless technology

Wireless technology is the next big thing, and not just because it’s giving us better coverage with cell phones. It’s giving us new ways to interact with machines and people.

Wireless technology is used in nearly every household, as well as in many businesses. Even when you don’t have cell phone service, you often have access to wireless Internet access. And just as with the TV and laptop platforms, there will be additional technological advances coming down the pike in the not-too-distant future that will bring us even more wireless convenience.

The network of wireless networks developed by governments and telecommunications companies has been called the most effective and efficient form of mass-communication ever devised. Wide-area networks allow communications to occur simultaneously between stations, thus touching off a series of innovations that improve technology in general.


Wearables have come a long way. From Apple’s iPhone to Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch, consumers are eager to show off their apparel and accessories. It’s not just about function anymore but also about style. With new material options and design tweaks, the market is getting more playful with its wearable tech. Tech companies are realizing the financial potential of wearable devices which will help them better market their products throughout the decade.

Wearables are a great example of an emerging category that’s here to stay. The technology behind these devices is fairly sophisticated, and although they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the underlying concepts are very interesting and may prove extremely beneficial to consumers.

3Tech food

Food tech including agribusinesses, food preparation and retail will be a trillion-dollar industry by 2022. The sector is highly innovative and has upped its game significantly in the past year, creating ever more durable and resilient products as well as more efficient and scalable delivery systems.

4Nanotechnology in cars

In the coming years, automobile companies will introduce a range of driver assistance and entertainment systems that employ nanotechnology-enabled systems. These systems will not only be more efficient, but they will also be more aesthetically pleasing. Due to the growth of electronic and telecommunications technologies, common materials such as glass, plastic and even metal are being replaced by materials that are more efficient at transmitting electromagnetic energy. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see nanotechnology become a part of the transportation market and beyond.

5Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now, and it’s already seeing widespread adoption among tech enthusiasts and professionals. It’s also an incredibly exciting way to spend your time and money. If you’ve been thinking about getting into the industry, here’s my nine-part guide on the subject that aims to let you know everything about what you need to know about getting involved in this exciting new realm.

6Internet of Things

In 2021, the social and cultural effects of the Internet of Things will be felt worldwide. Thanks to smartphones and sensors, homes, offices and even traffic lights all have some connectivity. This creates opportunities for human-computer interaction (HCI) – bringing people together by providing them with physical access to each other. The internet of things can be an exciting — yet challenging — new area for businesses to take root in. But it comes with great responsibility and responsibility falls on both organizations and individuals to take advantage of this powerful new platform.

7Augmented Reality

We are entering an age of augmented reality and virtual reality. The next few years will see a surge in smart clothing, health tracking, augmented movies, and video games that will likely be augmented as well. The tech behind these advances is being used by companies to create new interfaces for users, not just replacing existing ones. Wearable technology is starting to overlap with other tech trends; for example, smart contact lens devices are already used by doctors to check glucose levels in diabetics.

8Conversation Media and Regional Language Keyboard

AI has fundamentally altered how we interact with content, from seeking out information via Google search to creating posts and images on Facebook. Major media companies such as Google and Facebook have invested heavily in machine-learning technology in order to provide their users with more relevant search results and personalize their content experience.

Regional language keyboard is a feature that can greatly assist users from different parts of the world. Users can input text in their preferred language by using the keyboard, as well as search for keywords. This helps to improve the globalization of information.

With its proliferation, the Marathi Typing keyboard offers improved typing experience for Marathi users available on Android. With it, you can input text in a English and get automatic suggestions in Marathi language. You can either input directly from your memory or search for words using the keyboard as a dictionary.

Marathi keyboard helps Marathi people to type in their native language without using English alphabets by installing the application.

It will help you in day-to-day affairs to communicate with others using your mother tongue.


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