What Can You Expect from the Top Smartwatch?


Smartwatches have become an essential productivity tool in our life.  This small device is paired with the smartphone, and it has been at the core of several business transformation initiatives. Today’s top smartwatches like the Huawei Band 4 have incredible design and capabilities, and performance to keep non-stop communication and collaboration on the go. This article discusses the features to expect from the top smartwatch.

Good Build Quality

A good smartwatch will have a robust build quality so that it lasts for years for use.  Besides, it also needs to look good as you will be wearing it on your wrist, which everyone can see.  It is also vital the smartwatch does not look like a toy and has professional looks that go well with any attire.

The smartwatch band should be customisable and built strong. It will ensure the smartwatch stays on your wrist and does not fall off accidentally while travelling.

Heart Rate Tracking Monitor

Monitoring heart rate is essential for two reasons- success and safety.  When you are exercising, you would want to ensure the fitness programs keep the heart rate within safety limits.  If you have heart disease, you need to ensure the intensity of the exercise increases to a level that triggers a heart attack.

Smartwatches with heart rate tracking monitors allow you to keep a watch on your heart rate while you exercise. If your heart rate is increasing rapidly, you can slow and take some rest. It will ensure the exercise program successfully achieves your health goals and makes the fitness program safer for you.

Oxygen Saturation Detection

The oxygen level in your bloodstream needs to be maintained for proper body functioning.  In adults, the oxygen level should be around 94 to 99 per cent. A top smartphone would have an oxygen saturation detection feature that will allow you to monitor your body’s oxygen level all the time. It is essential from a safety perspective.

USB Charging

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries power smartwatches. The battery life differs from the make and model of the smartwatch.  Before the batteries get discharged completely, you need to charge the smartwatch. USB charging is a convenient feature as you don’t need to carry a separate cable to charge your smartwatch; any traditional USB charging cable will do.

Battery Life

We all tend to lead a busy life and always on the move. Hence, it can be hard to charge your devices now and then. Top smartwatches offer a long battery life, which is quite good. For example, the Huawei Band 4 offers a battery life of 6 days that allows you to continue with your work for a week or less without worrying about finding a wall socket to charge your smartwatch.

Screen Size

Size and shape of the smartwatch screen matter. If the screen size is too small, you will face difficulty in reading the information displayed on the screen. If the screen size is large, it might not look good on your wrist and spoil your style statement. A big screen will also make the smartwatch bulky, which can cause discomfort.

According to experts, a screen size of 0.96” is ideal. It is enough for smartphone screen notifications. Besides the screen size, the smartwatch should have a colour screen that will enhance the visual experience.

Multiple Watch Faces

Everyone wants their smartwatch to look best, and the watch face is the place from where the beauty begins. The top smartwatch should offer you multiple watch faces to choose from. Having multiple watch faces allows you to personalise the watch experience.

Devices like the Huawei Band 4 offers you watch faces in different styles like hi-technology, sports, intelligence, and cartoon for your selection.  Since smartwatches have an always-on display, your choice of display is more important than ever.  Besides offering multiple watch faces, top smartwatches also allow you to customise the display, like what information needs to be displayed on the screen.

Works With App

It can be challenging to see health-related information on the small screen. Top smartwatches work with apps and sync data to the smartphone. You can watch the relevant data on a bigger screen (smartphone).


When you wash your hands or walk in the rain, water is more likely to splash on your smartwatch. Top smartwatches are water resistant that protects the devices from rain and accidental splashes of water. A water-resistant feature in the smartwatch means you can wear the device on your wrist in heavy rains without worrying about the device getting waterlogged.

To sum up, the smartwatch has become an extension of the smartphone.  The right features can bring convenience, reduce the need to remove your smartphone from your pocket and keep you updated.


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