Enhance Social Media Experiences with These New Features


Social media is a place of opportunities. It is a game-changer, a lifesaver for some, a platform for people to showcase their talents, the garage of budding entrepreneurs, a haven for artists, a stage for protests, and a foundation for a pluralistic society. For a normal person like me, social media is a place to share the moments I cherish with the ones I love. It wouldn’t matter how many likes I get, or how many engagements my posts have, a subtle sense of satisfaction overcomes these futile feelings. Social media websites are also constantly working to make their website/app more engaging and finding ways to attract more users.

Any individual would want to improve their user experience on the apps, which sometimes have certain legal obligations to follow. This leads to the creation of virtual walls in the creativity of the developers. In this case, users have to rely on third-party apps. Some of the things for which we have to rely on third-party apps are different fonts, personalizations, analytics, stickers, editing, and discussion forums. But there is one app that brings all of these under one roof. It is the Malayalam keyboard app, available on Android. Let me tell you how this app will be useful to you in enriching your social media experience.

Get Fancy Fonts

If I speak about Instagram, it surely has a few fonts that you can use in your stories. But to make an impactful message, caption, or creative story, you will need more than just curves. The Malayalam keyboard app has about 30 exclusive fonts on its keyboard for you to use. These fonts can be used in any place which has a typing field. Feeling Romantic? They have a font for that. Feeling to make your messages more classic, type using the cursive font. These will give your messages an antique look.

Fonts from the Malayalam keyboard app can be specially used to write texts relevant to the context. These will be very useful for artists trying to tell a story. For instance, my story is about a relic, home history that I want to bring to the forefront. I will be using the Cursive font to being an antique feeling to it, and publicize it the way that would do justice to my content. Similarly, if my content is more about a business and formal, I can use a relevant font.

Grow Your Regional Roots Deeper

Humans to grow roots? What kind of rocket science is this? It is the complete opposite of it actually. Regional language is the root of our culture, our ancestors, and our very blood. Hence to connect with your roots, Malayalam messages can now be typed very easily with the Malayalam keyboard app. No more spending time on finding the correct letters. You can type with English letters and the keyboard will convert the text to Malayalm, technically called transliteration, but anyway called Manglish typing. You will also be relieved to know that this keyboard is the best Manglish typing keyboard on Playstore.

You might be engaging with many people from your state on social media. Malayalam texting can make conversations about politics, movies, and songs more fun. The emojis keyboard is specially designed for this keyboard. Get new and charismatic emojis. The emoji suggestion identifies the mood of the message through keywords and suggests you with relevant emojis, all because of its powerful AI.

Build Yourself as a Brand

Why do you think Red Bull spends millions of dollars in marketing for a two-dollar drink? It is because they have a philosophy, that their energy drink gives you wings. They have built a brand and sustain it, no matter the lengths and impossibilities they need to overcome. Building a brand would require sheer determination and patience, but now it no longer feels precarious with the Malayalam keyboard app. The keyboard has been associated with many popular brands to help them in their endeavor to reach people’s minds through meaningful and creative ideas.

But how to start when you are a no-one? Start with getting a face to your brand. Create avatars, stickers, and GIFs that would represent you. These stickers are made instantly with the help of the Malayalam keyboard app. There are hundreds of ready-made stickers available in both the Malayalam and English languages. These can be used in any of your messaging applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few. You can create your own avatars, customize them and share them with your family and friends.

There are more sticker options in the Malayalam keyboard app like the Pop-texts, which convert words up to 25 characters into stickers. Then, you can make animated stickers using the keyboard’s camera option and send them flying into your chat groups. They will take your loved ones by storm, and would be a talking point on your social media handles. These stickers will represent you and serve as an identity whenever they will be used again.

Never Forget Your Lines

There are times when you might be forgetting previously copied texts, or lose them when some other texts are over-written. But such subtle things are taken care of too by the Malayalam keyboard app. It stores in its memory, the last 5 copied texts. So even you lose the previous messages, you will still be able to access them.

Along with this, there is the keyboard Shortcut to store messages or phrases that are frequently used by you. One-click on them will share them instantly with the chat you have had opened. Such features will enhance your social media experience without you even knowing it. While interacting with so many people, more often than not, we tend to repeat the same combination of words. Why not just use the existing saved messages on Clipboards?

Personalize Your Keyboard

Typing is a need and a compulsion in this digital age. But we can very well increase our efficiency of typing by setting up a comfortable atmosphere. Now setting up a comfortable atmosphere certainly doesn’t mean the physical state around us, but making your typing keyboard beautiful and proper in size. Doing all of this is possible with the Malayalam Keyboard App.

The app allows you to change the letter width, height, and overall keyboard size. You can keep typing with vibration, sound or none, emoji suggestions, the severity of auto-correct. Beautify your Malayalam keyboard app with many themes, or adding background images to your keyboards. Make the keyboard as you want.

The age of social media is an important tool for all of us. Those who use it wisely are bound to achieve recognition, but those who do not use it just for the sake of it. But if you want to extract the most out of your social media experiences, then the first step to do is download the Malayalam Keyboard app from the Playstore and get all the necessary tools under your belt. Enjoy your time over the internet, because it is where you can reach the world.


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