7 Tips to Increase Post Engagement on Instagram


Post engagement on Instagram is something every profile owner is after. Both business and personal profiles would rather have high post engagements. Your Instagram Followers should engage with your posts by liking, commenting and sharing as much as possible.

Of course, this can be best achieved when you have quality content for your posts at all times. More followers or visitors like your posts, better chances of them interacting and engaging with them. Many different features make posts more engaging. You’d want the correct content type for each of your posts too.

We have some of the most professional and reliable tips that will help you boost post engagement on Instagram. Here are a few of them discussed below:

1. Make Your Content High-Quality and Attractive

First rule of posting on Instagram for your personal or business profiles is to have high-quality content. This is a tip you will hear a lot when in the Instagram business. This social media platform is known for its high-quality content in the first place. You need to comply with terms to maximize post engagement.

Posting the right kind of attractive and beautiful content, your posts will appeal much more to followers and visitors. You need more people to like that they see in order for them to engage more with your posts. Visually appealing and high definition pictures or videos will always be the best way to go.

2. Post Appealing Visuals with Attention Grabbing Texts

No one type of content, either visual or text-based is enough on its own on Instagram. When looking to maximize post engagement, you need the best combination of both, visuals and texts. If your visual content like pictures or videos can include texts, you are in the best-case scenario.

Even when you cannot add texts to visual forms of content, adding it to descriptions can work great. Descriptions are there for a reason and should contain all the helpful texts for your visual content. Even use hashtags in your descriptions to expand your viewer base for the content and get best engagement.

3. Post on the Right Times for Maximum Engagement

Instagram is a very subjective social media platform. People join in all the updates at different times of the day. When posting your content, you need to ensure most responsive time windows to get maximum post engagement.

Usually, 7-9am, 1-3pm and also 8-10pm time windows work best for most Instagram profiles. However, this can change depending on the profile type and niche you have. As visitors open the app up, their refreshed profiles will show posts that have been shared on the right times.

Basically, you are trying to show up with your posts on maximum user’s feeds. This way, user engagement chances can be multiplied keeping in mind fact that they will interact with what they see.

4. Boost Your Posts for the Right Audience Types

Post boost is an available option with Instagram like many other social media channels. You get the option to pay small fees and catch attention of your relevant audiences. A set of options in setting panel of paid posts that lets you choose profiles based on user’s social characteristics.

You need to make smart choices based on who is most likely to interact with your posts. Gender divisions, age groups, work status, social interests and many other factors are available. The principal is quite simple. You show your posts up on relevant user’s feeds and they interact and engage with them.

5. Post in Modern Ways on Instagram

Instagram used to be a simple image sharing app. But those simple days are well gone. Today, there are so many different ways and techniques of sharing your content. Intuitive ways have overtaken old boring ones. You need to post your content in the best ways possible.

Instagram stories with the possibility of swipe up links for products-based profiles is a great option. Links in the descriptions are also very useful content places. Appearing in search panels through boosted apps provides great boost in follower numbers. Many others also present your content in the best possible way.

6. Respond to Comments, Questions and Suggestions

Comments are very important sections for Instagram profiles looking to find best engagement. Whether you Buy Instagram comments or have organic ones, responding to them offers a great initiative. You can also mention people and regular followers or comments to get their attention.

This not only assures your followers that you listen to their opinions and suggestions but also engages them to mention new people as well. Using this, you can not only boost your follower numbers but also retain existing ones too.

7. Make a Quality Posting Schedule and Stick to It

Another very important aspect of posting on Instagram is to follow a set schedule. Your audiences and followers browse through their feeds on a regular basis. Most of them will also do this at a set time in the day where they are in their comfort zone.

You ideally want to make a posting schedule and stick to it for any length of time. Doing this, you will offer your followers the best chance to engage with your posts.


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