How to Identify Fake Followers on Instagram?


Are you planning to buy followers on Instagram but afraid that you may end up with fake ones? No worries because we’ve got you covered.

Buying followers on Instagram became very popular as it offers a lot of benefits most especially to business owners. In fact, there are now plenty of websites that sell Instagram followers.

But take note, not all of them sell real and active followers. For this reason, people who are planning to buy followers have one question in common: How to identify fake Instagram followers?

In the actual fact, with proper knowledge and research, spotting fake followers has never been a difficult task.

To help you and other people out here are some of the tell tale signs that you need to look out to ensure that you are only dealing with real ones.

Private Profiles

Without a doubt, privacy is extremely important. Some people value their privacy genuinely. They make their profiles private so that only the persons they know get to see the content that they are posting.

However, you may possibly find a few influencers that have audiences comprised of private profiles predominantly. What’s more, they must raise some questions regarding how real their audiences are.

No Post

Only a few people use Instagram to follow the content posted by others. As a matter of fact, the majority share almost everything that happens in their life, like their dinner, vacation, and even their outfits.

So if a user doesn’t have any post on his/her Instagram feed, there is a possibility that the account is fake.

No Profile Picture

Usually, real Instagram followers love sharing about themselves. Most of the time, they tend to express their interests as well as personalities through their short bios and profile photos.

Having that said, one of the easiest ways to identify a fake follower is to watch out for ones who do not have a profile picture.

Audience Location

High-profile influencer and celebrities have wide-reaching appeal. However, there are plenty of micro-influencers who are working at local levels.

If you would anticipate influencers to possess local audiences, but they have Instagram followers from across the world, there is a possibility that some of them are not genuine.


Clicking the like button is pretty easy and simple, but leaving comments take a lot of effort. A good influencer generates a lot of comments that include a meaningful discussion of particular content.

As a reminder, keep an eye on spam comments made by bots that are typically generic words with emojis which may not seem relevant to the content.


Apart from the above-mentioned telltale signs, you can also perform an Instagram audit to distinguish fake followers. In fact, there are various auditing tools that you can use. These tools, on the other hand, will scan the account offer statistics about the genuineness as well as engagement score. Nevertheless, hopefully, this content has helped you a lot in determining fake followers on Instagram.


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