10 Simple Home Decorating Ideas to Make You Feel Inspired


When it comes to decorating a home, a lot of people feel pressure to get it right – not just for themselves, but for the outward observer. Many people focus on what traditional decorating techniques they should use, which colors are most popular and which furniture allegedly looks the best in which room – but decorating should be about your personal taste, choices and preferred colors, and there’s no right or wrong answer. Naturally, there are correct things to do in terms of making the best out of a room with specific shades and natural light, but you should do whatever inspires you in your own home.

1. Be Open to DIY

For a more homely feel, it can be very rewarding to do everything yourself. This could be the foundations such as painting and wallpapering, but it can also extend to putting up your own shelves, making your own furniture or creating your own quirky art pieces.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a Professional Either

If you really don’t feel confident putting a theme together yourself, or simply can’t bear to hold a paintbrush, it’s okay to ask for help, too. If you’re looking for interior paint specialists, ensure that you compare prices and get the best deal for the work you want to be carried out. You can also seek professional advice regarding the best colors for certain rooms.

3. Mix Old and New

If you have eclectic tastes and love modern pieces but also have a passion for antiques, there’s nothing wrong with mixing the two. Or you could have one room dedicated to more modern pieces of furniture, and a more old-fashioned room decorated with older pieces. Whatever furniture and ornaments you like, no matter the era, place them in your home however you see fit.

4. Use Effect Wallpaper

You can opt for interesting wallpaper in various places in your home – this could be wallpaper designed to look like brickwork which you could line down your hallway and give it a more industrial feel, or you could use book effect wallpaper in your library or reading nook. You can find many different wallpapers designed to look like stone or wood.

5. Experiment with Your Bulbs

Bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and brightness options – and they also come in various different colors. You can transform a space by using the correct lighting and fixtures, and you can take this one step further by choosing an LED effect or perhaps even a colored bulb. Strip LED lighting placed in strategic places can give a stylish twist to any room, such as underlighting for your kitchen counters.

6. Use Different Textured Furniture

When choosing the type of furniture you need, such as a bookcase or coffee table, look into the varieties of materials available and go for something a little different. This could be wicker instead of wood, for example, which will give an entirely different feel to any room. Or a stylish fabric ottoman instead of a wooden storage box.

7. Don’t Have Anything Which Doesn’t Bring You Joy

Even if other people comment on how strange your taste in ornaments is, if the item makes you happy, then keep it. If you’re shopping for new decorative items and you pick something up which you aren’t sure about, put it back. Only furnish your home with those items which make you feel positive and which you enjoy using and looking at.

8. Color Gives a Room New Life

If you’re uncertain what to do with a room, or if you’re just a little bored with bare, blank walls and don’t exactly want to change any furniture or the layout, a coat of bold color can transform a space and make it feel entirely new. It’s an inexpensive option for reinventing a room, as it’ll only cost a tin of paint.

9. Lighter Shades Bring Out the Space

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by bold shades and you want to change for a lighter, airier look, then paler shades can bring more brightness into an otherwise dark room. With pale walls, you also have more liberty to experiment with colorful accessories and bold art prints, while still maintaining the bright feel to the room.

10. Use Your Nice Things

A lot of people avoid going near those items they treasure so much, such as a white carpet, pale sofa or crystal vases. You’ll get a lot more satisfaction if you don’t avoid the items you love – spend more time on the white sofa, don’t worry about the carpet and embrace your favorite items!

Home decorating isn’t all bad. You can mix it up and get creative, and easily make the space your own regardless of your DIY know-how or budget.


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