7 Signs That Show Its Time To Replace Windows And Door Locks!


Your house might not be able to talk to you, but it always gives you warning signs that something is not right. While there might be many things on the list of your dream renovations and upgrades, windows and doors will not be on the list. Not only they protect your family and belongings, but they also keep you protected from extreme weather conditions.

If it been many years since you have looked at your windows, its time to give them a look and see if they need any repairs. Here are some signs that show its high-time:

Locks Are Not In Working Condition

Locks undergo a lot of stress during the day in and out process. Their constant conjunction with other elements makes them deteriorate over time. Also, old and worn locks become rusty making the door locking and unlocking experience quite cumbersome. If you have broken or damaged locks, get them repaired by a professional residential locksmith service to keep your family protected from thieves and other potential dangers.

You Have Just Suffered A Break-In

If your house has been a recent victim of a break-in or burglary damages, get them repaired. In some situations, burglaries attempted in force end up damaging doors and windows, which later should be replaced. Doors are very important in any home, the reason it should never be taken lightly. If you have suffered any such situation,  replace your doors and protect your family.

The Windows And Doors Look Worn

There comes a time in every home when the doors and windows don’t look as good as they were. Regular sun exposures and often usages can make the paint to stain out making windows and doors look awful. If this is happening with you, replace them!

Decaying or leaking windows can also lead to some serious concerns in the coming future. If the pieces of your window or the frame is coming out, it can make the glass fall anytime. Also, the rotted frame can do some serious injuries if ignored. The longer you ignore or fix the damage, the more you are creating problems for your family.

The Doors And Windows Are Noisy Or Loud

If you can hear the car hoks and driving sounds, even when your windows are shut, its time to call a professional. The soundproof system of your windows is damaged and need to be repaired. Rattling or shaking doors that make noise is also a sign that it needs professional help.

The Windows Have Become Drafty

Drafty windows mean high energy bills; if the windows or doors are drafty, it means most of the cooling from your air conditioner and heat from the furnace is going waste. So keep an eye on that and repair them. However, if you are unable to find a dreary window,  try candle test. To do this, hold a candle around the edges of your windows. If the flame of candles become flicker, it means the particular point is the weak point. Once you find the leak, replace your windows and make your house energy efficient.

Door/Window Locks Are Stolen Or Lost

It’s very important to replace windows if your keys are lost or stolen. Misplaced keys increase the chance of burglaries and can put your family at stake. However, replacing door locks or even doors can improve home security. Don’t neglect it considering a minor issue, instead look a locksmith to get it repaired.

You Simply Need Home Renovation

Wrong doors can change the overall look of your home. So, if you are renovating your space, don’t forget the doors and windows as they can instantly make any property look charming.

If your doors and windows have been experiencing issues, neglecting them can put you in danger. So take some time, and replace them to have peace of mind.


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