4 Ways to Deal with Residential Water Damage


Residential water damage is a common issue which many people suffer due to the internal water leaking or any other cause. This common problem happens across the world and due to this lot of water is wasted.

Another issue which is related to the residential water damage affecting the building. Walls, furniture, and flooring. When residential water damage happens the residence of the house has to face lots of problems, therefore, professional treatment of the residential water damage has to be cured as soon as possible.

A continuous water damage can also cause running your hundreds of dollar property and possession. Therefore, immediate treatment is necessary to solve the issue permanently.

In case you are suffering from this problem, call your plumber and analyze the matter altogether which will not only help to resolve the water damage completely but also allow you to stop this issue in the future. There are four ways to deal the residential water damage which is mentioned below:

Step number 1: Damaging Water Source needs to stop

Once you have encountered any water emergency or water damage issue, the primary source of water supply needs to stop until the water channel is identified for the damage. The resident has to observe the area and walls where the damage is happening and identify the source of water which is responsible for the damage. Once the pipeline is discovered the water supply needed to be stopped and main channel can be open to letting the house use water.

Step number 2: Take precautions

The owner of the house has to take precautions to avoid any more damages and need to think safety. They have to stop the electric supply near the affected area and snap the circuit breaker. All the electronic devices and switches have to shut down which is near or in the water damaged area to avoid any electrical short circuit or lead to any fire emergency. Children must be removed from the affected area because they can lead any injury or risk of shock from the water damaged area.

Step number 3: protection of your possessions

Once the water damage happens in the residential area or house, the property needs protection from soaking and getting moldy. Therefore you must need to remove or raise your belonging from the surface area as well as put your valuables in a box and remove from the site. Furniture and appliance must also remove immediately to protect from damage; they must be shifted to any place which is dry and warm instead of getting them water-soaked.

After removing your appliances, furniture, and valuable possessions, you must also remove anything which is getting wet such as carpets, cushions or curtains. In case you are short of time, these things can be removed later when the issue is resolved.

Step number 4:

A) Call your insurance company and explain the situation

In case you have insurance, you must call them immediately and explain the situation to them. They will approach the flood restoration and water removal company or team to help you out and solve your problem. The insurance companies have water damage and restoration professional who can fix any emergency and also pay you coverage to support you in your issue. If you take help from any other company which is offering the water damage and restoration services, it might cost you an expensive deal, and you have to compromise your policy as well.

B) Call professionals in case you don’t have insurance

Many people do not have any insurance; therefore, they must call the professional such as plumber to help you out. They provide all the services related to residential water damage and solve your problem A to Z. they will fix the issue and leading source of the problem as well as help you restore the house as well.

How is residential water damage treated?

Treating residential water damage is very important and a step by step process which not only requires experience but expertise as well. Therefore professionals are recommended to deal with the issue. In case you want to treat your water damage make sure you keep in mind following factors:

  1. Firstly the water supply has to be stopped which will help you rescue the water wastage and control water supply.
  2. Switch off the main electric supply to secure the chances of eclectic shocks.
  3. Now the possessions have to be secured from any water damage and need to place in any dry and safe area. Essential items such as electronics, cash, and jewelry, furniture, and gadgets need to be removed from the affected area.
  4. You must now dry the excess water from floor and place by wiping and mopping the water.
  5. Have a look at the molds and fungus which can be developed on the surface, cracks, and furniture. Molds and fungus have to be cleaned to avoid any infection.
  6. In case you have any item which is rotting, it must be removed from the house including any carpet, clothes, furniture or curtains. It will help you sanitize the area and clean it.
  7. Call any professional plumber or water restoring company to help you out in repairing the damages.
  8. Once the issue is resolved fill cracks and holes, paint the walls to protect them, clean floors and area to reduce the chances of damage and mold growth.
  9. Once the water is completely dried up from walls, floors, and regions, open the primary electric source when it is secure.
  10. Completely remove water and dry the air by reducing the humidity of the place.
  11. In the end put your clean carpets, curtains, flooring, cloths, and furniture.
  12. You can now take back your precious belongings, appliances, and gadget and get you house in full working.


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