8 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid


Activities such as drinking water, cooking food, and cleaning take a special place in the kitchen. To keep clean the kitchen you need to have it beautiful and decorative with clean utensils. Today, association and layout are compulsory for the style and design of the kitchen.

Before designing a kitchen, you should have some knowledge of kitchen design to avoid mistakes:

Frustrate the kitchen triangle

The sink is the necessary thing to keep in the kitchen. Also, stove and refrigerator is the part of the kitchen triangle. The sink has more actions. The reach ability to your stove and refrigerator should be easiest. While you are adjusting the sink in the kitchen, remember that plumber should be near to sink.

According to your kitchen space or design, the measurement of the work triangle should not be less than 10 feet and more than 25 feet. In case, your work triangle is very small, folks will be nimble over each other. If the work triangle is too large, cooking the food may be the exhausting task.

Slaying storage space

You know very well, there is much stuff in the kitchen, not only stuffs but also some items such as blender, juicer hid behind the kitchen in odd shapes; that need more space. Nowadays, it is not a snap to find out a home according to your appliances space.

As the area size of the built-in homes is very limited. The vast design mistake does not have sufficient storage. Generally, the kitchen has slain or waste place but this is simple to minimize it. If your kitchen has less space and, you will have to think to install with extra storage space. Install cabinets over a refrigerator, if you have an area that is not in use or waste of storage for limited items of the kitchen. Having shelves in the kitchen up to 4 square feet of storage space is the good option.

Insufficient counter space

Without counter space, the kitchen and its design look very odd. Think about the activities of the kitchen that really need a counter space to keep the items that will be located there permanently as well as you have to fit in horizontal shape. This can be got by adding breakfast to an aL-shaped kitchen.

Low lighting

When it comes to the kitchen, you should not have low light. It is necessary for safety while cooking food, chopping vegetables. Also, it is better to show the design of a kitchen with good lighting. The room usually requires good lighting with three types:  general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The more lights you have in the room, the more you will be able to show off your room’s design.  It is necessary for a kitchen to focus or work area and spots with high lights. You should have added good lights over main areas of work.

Utilize good quality lights to increase the beauty of the kitchen. The good quality lights make sure that counters have enough lighting for kitchen tasks.

Forgoing backsplash

While making a budget or designing the new kitchen the backsplash always slips to the end. Commonly, it is left for the end or out of the list. This is helpful to save your money in short-term since for long execution it will take long time and effort.

Consider all the steam, greases and water for the kitchen; certainly, you will know the reason behind installing the backsplash above cooktop is the best plan. It is very simple to clean grease off a backsplash, metal, and plastic than wallpaper.

Poor freshening

Generally, the kitchen design goes fade due to odors. Sometimes, you smelled in your houses, that’s why you need to have good freshening. Cheap range always circulates dirty and bad air smell, while good freshening system will help to rectify the indoor air and kitchen cleaner. It also increases the life of your appliances.

It can be the best investment; a good freshening system will make life smoother and pleasant, especially if your kitchen is near to a living area or family room.

Selecting the wrong kitchen island

If we discuss the kitchen island, we talk about preparation, storage, and space in the kitchen. To be very honest, Kitchen Island waste lot of space of the kitchen. Selecting wrong Kitchen Island and adjusting at the wrong place can be ruined the work area.

Island blocks the flow of traffic from and to the sink, refrigerator, and stove. Generally, the island is 4 feet long and 2 feet deep but has room for folks to move around it. Specialist says you should not think about island ever.

Ignore your recycle

As recycling is becoming common, dealing with kitchen’s trash is totally beyond the attaching a bin under the sink. You will have to manage trash for recyclable into kitchens design.


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