Should You Move for Work? 5 Crucial Things to Consider Before a Job Relocation


Yay! Or nay?

Your employer offers you an exciting new position, out of the state. Should you take it?

Relocating for a job is a rare opportunity. According to a recent study, only 11% of Americans, have relocated for work, over the past decade.

One of the reasons so few Americans are making the move is because of how advanced technology has become. You can do almost any job, anywhere, as long as you have internet access.

Every now and then, however, a special chance comes along. One where your employer needs a physical person, not a virtual assistant. Finding out your employer wants you to help with a new project feels good.

Yet, it doesn’t mean you should be spring loaded with a yes, and jump on the first plane you can get. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your employer and be happy with your personal life, you’ll need to carefully weigh your options.

Read on to discover what 5 things matter most when moving for a job.

Before Relocating for a Job

You just got the news that your employer has a new position for you, and it’s in a new town. Before you start packing your suitcase, you’ll need to consider these 5 things.

  • Career role you’ll be playing
  • After work plans
  • Future prospects
  • Weather
  • Moving package and benefits

The last thing you want to do is rush into living somewhere, that you’ll eventually end up hating. Not accepting the offer right away, shows your employer how seriously you take your position in the company.

Let’s start by discussing the new role you’ll be playing if you choose to relocate.

1. Your New Job Role

What type of industry are you working in? Do you have a clear understanding, of how to progress within the company?

Before you decide if you’ll be happy in the new location, find out if you’ll be happy with your new job role. If you’re not going to be doing the same responsibilities as you are in your current role, you’ll need to get a clear picture of what the new job will look like.

If your unclear what your duties will be in the new location, ask your employer to email you a list of what your responsibilities would be.

If you love making sales, and your new position involves training new hires, it probably isn’t the move you’ll want to make. Yet, if teaching a class has always been a dream of yours, you can add a check mark to the pro column of your decision-making list.

2. After Work Plans

Getting in a full week of work is wonderful for your paycheck, but you still have to invest in enjoying some downtime. Harvard Business Review found that scheduling time to do the things you love can improve your physical and mental health.

If you have children, you’ll want to consider their past-times and hobbies as well. Do a little research about what kind of parks, restaurants, and events, your potential new city is famous for.

3. Future Prospects

Everybody needs to have a backup plan. Even if you’re planning on staying with your company forever, you still have to prepare for things to go differently. That’s why it’s important for your new town to have quality prospects for your future.

Find out if there will be opportunities for you to improve your skills, and extend your experience, within your industry. Once you’re sure the new location will be able to help you grow professionally, you’re ready to move on to researching the weather.

4. Weather Conditions

It may seem silly to let something like weather determine your career. Yet, the type of weather you live in plays a big role as to how happy you are. Everyone has their own weather personality, and you’ll need your new location to get along with yours.

In a recent study of 415 individuals, they found 9% of them to have the weather personality of hating rain. These individuals were angrier on days with rain, and happier on bright sunny ones. Take a moment to consider what your weather personality is, and how it’ll coincide with your new job location.

5. Moving Expenses Paid by Company

Find out if your company will be offering you a relocation package. You can learn more here, about what those packages entail. If they do have some type of relocation benefit or package, ask for a copy of the arrangement.

Once you have a copy of the relocation package to review, look to see what it says specifically about the handling of your home goods. Certain packages are inclusive and will entail hand packing, moving, and unpacking, of your belongings. Yet, other packages aren’t as kind and only pay for the transportation of your belongings to the new location.

What to Do Once You Decide to Relocate

So far we’ve been discussing, what to consider when relocating for a job. If you decide the new job is a great fit, the next step will be to figure out where you’ll be living.

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Deciding to relocate for work is a big deal, and it means taking on a world of new responsibilities. It’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.

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