7 Things to Do Before You Move Into New House


Congratulations! You did one of the most important things you ever have to do in your adult life–find a place to live. Whether you’ve been working hard since you graduated or you’re just looking for a temporary room to stay while you make ends meet, finding a place to live can be exhausting, and once it’s done, you must pat yourself on the back. However, the journey isn’t finished just yet. There are things that need your attention

1. Change the locks

Changing locks sounds strange, doesn’t it? But don’t forget that everyone who has entered your house before, the previous owners, the realtors, the housekeeping, and the maintenance workers–might have keys to your house. And while it’s not the first thing that comes to mind for most, it’s always better to just be safe and exchange the locks with new ones so that you are the only one with the right set of keys.

You can either change the locks by yourself (it might be stressful for you as you have other big things to do) or hire a qualified locksmith to get the job done effectively. It would be an extra expense that you had not planned, but it will be worth doing so you can sleep peacefully.

2. Crown molding

While it doesn’t seem like the most important task to carry out–who can say no to pretty and aesthetic moldings? It’s a beautiful addition to the look of a room, and it can add a touch of elegance. Prime and pre-paint the moldings before installing them. You can do this just before you paint the interior walls.

You can do exquisite moldings in the following areas of your house;

  • On door header
  • To disguise cabinet soffits
  • On architectural elements
  • Over interior entrance

3. Transfer your Utilities

As you move into a new house, the last thing you’d want is no water, a dead phone and lights out. Make sure you transfer your services and utilities well in advance before the moving day. It’s easy to do this, all you have to do is contact your energy provider and share your address, connection dates, contact numbers, and identity. Hurry and do this so no one else is paying your bills for you (as sweet as that may sound sometimes!)

4. Get your internet running

Excited to upload the pictures of your new home on Facebook? Get your internet connection first because a day at your new home without internet will be so frustrating.

You need to do this well in advance before you move in as internet service providers can be tardy or overbooked. Having no Wi-Fi in your new place is frustrating, and it is one thing you can plan beforehand and get done within moments.

Sometimes scrolling through Instagram while you unpack boxes is just a leisure everyone deserves.

5. Keep spare keys

It is annoying to lose your keys on normal days, so imagine how frustrating it would be on moving day! Since there is so much going on in your head already, do yourself a favor and get your keys copied so you have a backup in case keys go missing.

6. Pack a bag for your first night

When you move in, you will have a hard time remembering where you kept everything, from your clothes to your spare toothbrush.  With so many moving boxes, ranging from furniture to crockpots and tea kettles, it’s always more convenient to pack a bag containing all your necessary supplies–spare clothes, toothbrushes, toiletries, shaving kit, towels. Even things like coffee, sugar, and cream are important to set aside to refresh yourself after a long day. Trust us, you’ll love yourself for it.

You should pack a ‘mini’ toolbox with labeled zip lock bags containing screws, nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, tape, dust cloth, glue, scissors, and any tools you might need to set furniture.  It makes such a massive difference to the comfort of your first night at your new home, so you are not searching through boxes to find screws and fix your bed.

7. Get to cleaning.

While most properties are given a good, professional scrubbing before they’re sold, sometimes the house may be vacated for a while before it’s moved into again, or it turns out the previous owners never hired help to get it cleaned. In this case, it’s always best to ‘deep clean’ your property yourself.

While we think getting a professional service to do the job for you is the best idea (if you’re short on time), you may also opt to cover it by yourself if you’re short on money. Grab all your necessary cleaning supplies like buckets, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, detergents etc. and get started! Remember cleaning your home every night is useful if you want to make it attractive to future buyers.

Washing down cabinets, plumbing, counters, and fixtures and cleaning the carpeting, refinishing hardwood floors, etc. will make your place look better.

Here’s a friendly reminder: Don’t forget to bring a set of rubber gloves with you. After all, you don’t want to ruin your manicure!

Care for yourself when packing:

Moving to a new place is never an easy task and you wouldn’t want to end up with a back spasm or a sore neck in your new abode, would you? So it’s imperative that you make making packing and unpacking as stress-free as possible.

For starters, don’t bend down too much when packing as it will leave you with a sore and stiff neck and back after a night’s sleep. Putting the box on a chair or a table would be suitable.

Second, handle glass and fragile items with extreme care and always wear protective gloves while doing the packing. Keep your children and elderly away from the packing area as much as possible accidents can happen.

While these are great steps to help you go through the packing process in a stressless way, many moving companies these days often provide professional packing services that will take care of all your things in a very professional manner. This way you can jet off to your new abode without even breaking in a sweat and that’s perhaps, the best way to welcome a new part in your life and better beginning.

Now that you know the little things you need to do before you move in, we hope that your journey is smooth and hassle-free.

Moving can be tiresome, but once you accomplish all the big things, smaller stuff becomes easier and more doable–you may even look forward to buying your first piece of furniture or look forward to choosing between wooden floors and carpeting. Decorating your new house is a different ballgame together. In fact, it is the most exciting, innovative and adventurous part of moving. There are so many possibilities to cover! Find the best furniture to suit your mood and aura.

Get the good old recliner out, in front of your new flat screen, and enjoy your first game with the boys in your new bachelor pad! Or call the girls over and enjoy some white wine as you talk your hearts out. Adult life is not all that bad, is it?


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