Control those Curls – Try out new and exciting Straight Hair Looks


Who doesn’t love the attention that comes with a charming new hairstyle? An important part of the overall ‘look’, your hair can add extra allure to whatever outfit you wear. If you have curly locks it does not mean that you cannot make an entrance with a classy straight hair look. There are myriad products and techniques that will help you get the style that you crave for. Here are some recommendations and tips.

Why Flat Irons?

A flat iron is a straightener but a straightener is not necessarily a flat iron. This category of hair accessories can also include items like straightening brushes, certain types of blow dryers and increasingly popular hot combs. Flat irons are considered the most effective when it comes to getting your hair curls under control.

The heat applied is even and direct and adds a shiny finish to your final look. Flat irons are recommended for those who have a bit of coarse texture and people with extremely curly hair. A low-quality flat iron can harm your hair in the long run so it is imperative that you show your delicate tresses some love by investing in a good and safe product.

How to buy a Flat Iron for your Hair?

Check out these tips on how to curl your hair with an iron and a comprehensive list of the best products, recommended by experts. When you are buying a flat iron there are a few things to look out for that will make your styling experience a fun and hassle-free one.

Multiple heat settings allow you a wider spectrum of choices – depending on the extent you want to reduce those curls. Some models like the HSI Professional Glider even have a digital display that shows the temperature. A swivel cord is ergonomically better – it reduces your chances of getting into a tangle. Ceramic plates with a tourmaline coating are recommended because it reduces frizz and is kinder on the hair texture.

Maintaining Temporary Straight Hair

Now that you have those straight locks that you desire, the next battle is how to maintain them. Straightening serums are a great idea once you have used the flat iron. They reduce the frizz – which some of us can suffer from especially when the weather gets humid. Certain hairsprays laminate the newly straightened hair, increasing the hold. A blow drying session too helps – just make sure that you are not using extreme heat settings that may damage hair by drying out the natural oils. If you want to maintain the straightness overnight, hold your hair with pins.

Hair Care is Important

If you love the temporary straight look and you do it often, remember that your hair does go through a certain amount of stress. Take care of it by using products meant for damaged or dry hair (curly hair is usually drier than naturally straight hair by default).  If your hair stays healthy, you will enjoy a wider spectrum of style choices. Here are some hairstyles that are in vogue. Go ahead, have a ball and create a spectacular new look for yourself.


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