Located at the base of the Tenmile Range of the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge is famous as a ski resort among the travellers. Known for is Gold Rush history, this town in Colorado was founded in 1859, the gold got discovered in the surrounding hills. You can still see many of the authentic Victorian architectures in the town. The town is also popular for its all year round alpine activities. In fact, with a ton of sporty activities to indulge in, the town is perfect for plan an adventurous getaway. The cabins in Breckenridge serves as a perfect place for you to spend your day after a tiring day. Here are five such activities which will make your vacation in Breckenridge memorable.

1. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding
Breckenridge has a lot of facilities for skiers and snowboarders.Even if you are not an expert, there are a number of terrain parks and an area where you can learn how to freeride. You can ski or snowboard down five interconnected mountains of the Tenmile Range. All of the peaks provide beautiful powdery snow filled tracks for you to ski on. The magnificent vistas that you can see while soaring down the peaks is truly an extraordinary experience.

2. Kayaking

The Breckenridge Kayak Park provides you with 1800 feet of beautiful water to enjoy kayaking. With eddy pools, S-curves and splash rocks, the Blue River kayaking experience is a pleasure for any kayak lover. Located right behind the Breckenridge Recreation Center, entry to this public park is completely free. However, the park generally only remains open from May to August. You should not miss the opportunity of kayaking in this breathtaking course if you are in Breckenridge during that period.

3. Snowmobiling

Many tour operators run snowmobile trips through the breathtaking landscape of Breckenridge. You will get to snowmobile your way over 40 miles of snow trails, through open grasslands and finally reach the magnificent Georgia Pass. The incredible vistas along your way and from the 11,585-foot-high Georgia Pass make going on a snowmobile ride through Breckenridge a must do activity while you are here.

4. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Breckenridgeis blessed with beautiful whitewater rafting locations on stretches of its Colorado, Arkansas, Eagle, and Blue Rivers. The stretches provide less challenging waters suitable for newcomers, as well as some extreme conditions for the experienced rafters. The tour operators conducting whitewater rafting trips also offer zipline, rock climbing, hiking, and horseback tours for you to enjoy.

5. Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry Skiing
This is probably the most popular activity in the region, as you get to truly experience why this place is called the Summit County. The mountain passes of this region, many of which rise up over 10,000 feet, allow easy access to the high country terrain. Explore the extraordinary scenery of the marvellous backcountry of this region. Head into the mountainous trails and ski through some of the best powdery snow you can find in this area. However, avalanche-related deaths are not at all uncommon in this area. So it is always advisable to take as many precautions as you can before setting on your journey through the incredible back country of Breckenridge.


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