How to Adopt the Skater Fashion Style: A Beginner’s Guide


The skateboarding activity first emerged back in the 1960s to 1970s which brings with it the skater style. Nevertheless, it was not until the 1990s that skating evolved and transformed from a small past-time activity into a sport enjoyed by many across the globe.

What is Skater Fashion Style?

As skateboarding is becoming increasingly popular and penetrating every region in the world, the style it comes with, slowly but surely, becomes the buzz in the fashion industry. Several companies and brands appear and bring with them merchandise inspired by skateboarding, such as thrasher.

From skateboard gears to the clothing line, the skating culture and fashion style continuously grows and leaves an impact on the industry.

When talking about skating style, an image of a youthful rebellious state comes into mind. Perhaps this kind of vintage and the roughed-up appeal is what captivated many people, and eventually established the style as a popular fashion trend.

Practically speaking, skater style is all about loose fabric and functional outfits aimed at comfort and practicality. It gives off a carefree, cheerful, and casual feel.

Over the past few years, the skater trend is buzzing the fashion world. Fashion designers, major brands, celebrities, and influencers are all showing off the style.

Apart from major brands and companies that embrace this fresh style, the skateboarding/merchandiser magazine, Thrasher, is probably the one that went beyond the skate style itself becoming the “skateboard fashion brand.”

The brand thrasher is endlessly printed and injected into the mainstream clothing line. From simple hats to off-duty shirts, the brand has occupied the fashion space and adopted by all types of avid fans, whether they are skaters or non-skaters. Other products that have utilized the brand are hoodies and dog collars.

Furthermore, the superstars Rihanna and Justin Bieber were making the headlines a few years ago as they were seen wearing the brand’s shirts in a photograph.

How to Dress Like A Skater

From head to toe, here’s how to dress like a skater the right way.

  • Pick the Loose, Baggy Outfits

Aside from oversized and loose outfits, skater style T-shirts has the characteristic of graphic design with pictures, logo, or brand. Wearing a shirt with a crew-neck design will add up to the authentic look of a skater.

Also, hoodies can be the right choice for people who want to adopt the style without being too extravagant.

  • Put on the Right Shoes

To truly nail the style, it’s essential to put on the right trainers. There are various shoe brands available, but it is a good idea to keep the classic aesthetic. For an authentic look, a shoe brand that matches perfectly well with this style is Converse and Vans. People that prefer the casual look can pick low-top sneakers. On the other hand, people that want to go for the retro feel can wear high-top sneakers instead.

  • Go for the Wide-legged Shorts or Trousers

For the lower part of the outfits, skaters love wearing shorts, especially a pair that has a loose, wide fit and cover up to the knees.

While shorts are the favorite choice to go with for this style, it is not an absolute rule. Skaters can wear pants as long as they are comfortable for that particular sport. It should not be too loose and not too tight, like cargo pants or chinos.

Regardless of which shoes, shorts or shirts are chosen, the main element of the style is the relaxed attitude with practical outfits. With a laid-back look and comfortable clothing, even the simplest choice of graphic t-shirt and shorts can still make up an excellent skater style look.


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