What Do to After a Car Accident?


Driving around Houston could be exasperating. Highways in America’s fourth-largest city often have distinct designations based on who you ask. Some call I-610 as The Loop. Citizens from H-Town ask you to take the Northwest Freeway even though you know it as US 290.

As though the highways aren’t complicated enough, it can be as challenging to figure out what you need to do after a car accident and before looking for car accident lawyers in Houston.

Here are the things that you need to do after a car accident:

Check for injuries

Although the collision is a terrifying and traumatic situation, remain as calm as possible. Take a deep breath, then check your body. Look out if you have any wounds. Stand up and see if you can get out of the car. If you feel ok, check the passengers if there are any. Then, if you can, check the driver and the passengers of the other vehicle.

Dial 911

Always call 911 to get help for those who are injured and use due care when moving a victim. Get someone else to call 911 if you cannot do so. Make sure to inform the dispatcher of any wounds or deaths you can see. Tell them about any hazards that the emergency personnel and the authorities will confront. Use a landmark or mile marker when they ask for your location.

Stay at the accident scene

When you’re waiting for the cops and paramedics to arrive, stay put, and never leave the accident scene. Texas enforces severe sanctions for escaping the scene of a significant accident. You might also get your license suspended. Searching for car accident lawyers in Houston later will help your case if you are not in conflict with the law.

Follow police instructions

Once the police have arrived at the site, concentrate on following their directions. They’re experts. Answer their questions sincerely and remain until they inform you when you can leave.

Gather information and take photos

Concrete proof is crucial if you want to show that the other driver is at fault. Several of the damages you can claim include vehicle damage, medical expenses, and lost wages. It’s vital to record everything so it can help you make your case should you need to take further legal actions.

List down the following details:

  • Names, addresses, contact information, and insurance details from the other driver and their passengers
  • License plate numbers
  • Names and contact information of the witnesses
  • Photos of the accident scene in multiple angles
  • Pictures of essential information: a drunk driver, road obstructions, weather, vehicle position

Contact your insurance company

Your car insurance policy is a legally binding agreement for both you and your insurance provider. One of your responsibilities is to inform the firm promptly after the incident, irrespective of who caused the collision. Reporting minor accidents will provide you with better security once the other driver files a complaint against you.

Seek medical attention

Many accident survivors don’t know some injuries do not have visible signs. For this purpose, you must get examined by your physician soon after a car accident, even though you feel fine.

Contact a car accident attorney

There’s always the possibility that your insurance claim has been dismissed or the accident compensation cannot fully cover the damages. In such situations, it would be best to consult a local personal injury lawyer who practices in car accident cases.

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Texas is two years in most cases. Regardless, it will always be better for your case to consult a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.


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