5 SEO Tools that can help you rank your website Faster


As we all know, that any website is nothing without Seo ranking. Seo ranking is basically optimizing your site for the top results in a search engine. There are many techniques that are amazingly helpful plus tools provided online to help you grow your rank. These tools not only help in ranking but also surface the error to improve issues that are stopping your rank to grow.

Let us discuss top ones in this article.

Google Webmaster Tools


Webmasters tools are to tracks, reports and for the analysis of the traffic rate on a web site. Service was founded in Nov. 2005. Nowadays this tool is taken as the most trusting source for the web analytics. This amazing tool provides the best and the most reliable SEO data that let you focus more on the visitors and how they are reacting to your website. If you have a knowledge about SEO, then you know that this is a valuable data which is needed for the betterment of your site. It’s really hard to bring a better tool than this one which let you track each and every detail of your webpage. The tool verifies gender, age, and interests of the traffic, and monitors which of your pages are normally visited the most. This tool provides details of how your site will appear in the search engine results. It shows the details of structured data, mobile optimization, HTML errors, content etc.

Also, the backlinks are on your site, Sitemap issues, Crawling bots problems, Internal linking, broken links details, or not found pages, clicks per month and locations from where the clicks were made, mobile browsing optimization.a tool for your website from audience analysis to your site issues and performance. Indexing is as well present in this tool. You can get your pages indexed if something is missing or updated while keeping the track of monthly indexing that has already been happening. Add up new URLs or delete those which are useless now or manage the pages which you don’t want how in the search results.



One of the best free tools which are used for the Seo analysis as well as the research. These days Ahrefs is being the most preferred tool among Seo experts for the support in site ranking. This tool is the most useful in the analysis of backlinks and also helpful in respect of site exploring. Their content explorer option helps the user to find the most useful and popular articles or content on any subject or keyword. Ahrefs provides a tool with the name of keyword explorer which provides a variety of keywords and ideas about their search engine result past and their positions. Although it’s free with limited options for the premium users, it will provide tons of other varieties. Providing with:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword searching
  • Backlink Research
  • Rank tracking
  • Web monitoring
  • Content research



Semrush is becoming one the most popular choice in Seo professionals when it comes to analysis and improvement. This tool is providing with an option of ‘Find and fix technical problems’ for your webpage like bot crawling issues, security problems, links from spam pages and harmful backlinks which can lower your page rank. It helps you build keywords which can be Long tail keywords, branded keywords, semantically related keywords etc. Semrush helps you build quality content that is adored by both humans and search engine bots, it manages to help build content with all the important keywords while keeping it structured. Get a potential source of websites from where you can earn your backlinks. Semrush will provide you methods and route maps to gain more traffic for your webpage and will also let you keep a track on them. Search out which queries are really bringing the heavy traffic in the webpages. Keep a track on the sites which are backlinking your competitors to gain good backlink options. This is a great track for any issues in website Seo. It will automatically generate reports which will light your burden. It will make a complete analysis of the errors which are left and the ones which are taken care of. A complete audit will provide everything. It provides charts and images as analysis of each and everything that is happening on your page.



SEOJet is basically a link management tool very popular to bring your site number#1 ranked on any niche. This tool is also providing a huge variety of helping materials regarding your Seo issues. It provides a complete Seo client control, basically means your client site will eventually grow on search engines with the guidelines of having natural backlink profiles. It will provide a consistent growth which will satisfy your client’s need. A client normally doesn’t care much other than the search engine rankings. It helps you build power pages which are all about building trust with Google on the pages which are most important for your client. The tool provides you with sitemaps that can help Google bots crawl easier. SEOJet also alerts you if your link profile is turning unnatural and helps you to resolve it. Once you start using the sitemaps which were created by this tool will result in a spike in ranking.

Content Writing tools

Always remember the content is the king. Without content, there is no concept of backlinks, no traffic, and no Google ranking. Content is considered as the backbone of Seo and good content is half the Seo already done. Good content not only provides healthy backlinks but also improve social signals and popularity which Google loves. Good quality content comes with two basic things. One is uniqueness and originality and the other is research and analysis. Having a good research over the web brings you ideas about the subjects, ongoing trends, and FAQs. There are certain tools available online which help you build up the quality content for your webpages.

To bring the uniqueness in your articles and avoid the plague of plagiarism is the first step to any type of writing. Plagiarism checker tools are available online to see if the content has anything copied from somewhere or is totally unique. This is a must to be done test after you have completed your article. Simply copy the content and paste in the box of the tool and click check plagiarism, In a matter of seconds, you will see a ratio in percentage of how much is copied and unique. Another online tool is Article Rewriter which helps you rewrite the content you take from some other source. Basically, this is also for avoiding the plagiarism and make your content unique by paraphrasing it and synonym changing. This tool changes the whole sentence while keeping the context same. This tool is recommended as a last resort in case of time saving and quick works. It is amazing in solving grammar issues and other surface errors.


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