58 Top Best SEO Tools for Content Marketing



We publish a selection of top best SEO tools for content marketing that will help solve the tasks of your promotion.

Best SEO Tools for Content Marketing: The complex of actions helps search engines to find in their catalog a particular resource, exposing it to the first positions of the search issue by a specific request entered by the user.

Optimization is aimed at making the site hit the top of the results list. The top ten answers posted on the first page (the ideal is top-3 or top-5). It is quite natural that for a positive reaction of the search engine to a certain resource, it is necessary to know according which algorithms it works on and what features of the site structure are important.

Best SEO Tools for Content Marketing

Content marketing tools will help to promote your company online effectively. Some will help you compose infographics, others will post a webinar, others will advance in social networks.

This article gathers 58 tools that we recommend to make your content marketing better and more effective.

Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytics

It represents an analysis of sales, conversion, user actions on the site, user conversions and much more. An irreplaceable assistant for the marketer.

google Analytics

2. Yandex.Metrics

This tool is designed for increasing the conversion of the site. Track and analyze the attendance of your resource, check the effectiveness of advertising.

3. Woopra.com

Helps to watch the site visitors in real time.

4. Simplereach

The tool in real time collects site statistics, analyzes how visitors to act. You will be able to think more rationally about marketing policy

SEO-Optimization Tools

5. Yoast

This online service helps you control keywords in articles for promotion in search engines. You can also set up a snippet (piece of the site) that will be displayed, for example, in Google search.

6. SEMrush

Semrush is online text optimization service for their better promotion in the search engines.


E-mail Delivery Tools

7. Constant Contact

The resource helps to create a design for electronic messages and monitor the activity of contacts.

8. iContact

You can create mailing lists and subscription forms, track the activity of recipients by means of its.


9. Smartresponder

It allows automatic dispatch of new posts from the blog and social networks. There are video instructions for training.

10. Aweber

Aweber concerns auto posting on Twitter and Facebook. 700 templates for letters, more than 3000 available images.


11. Mailtrig

Mailtrig is service for trigger mailings. Very clear interface and setting up your own scripts.

Text Content Tools

12. Paper.li

With the help of this service you can create an entire online newspaper in which you can tell, for example, news about your company.

13. Orthogram

Orthogram is web checker spelling service. Will find even complex typos in the text, and can also check the coursework and diplomas for compliance with GOST.

14. Typographer

This tool will do everything necessary to ensure that the text on the Internet is displayed correctly.

Graphic Arts Tools

15. FontFaceNinja

Do you like the font on one of the sites, but you do not know its name? This extension will help you to find out this, as well as download the font to your computer.

Font Face Ninja

16. Type Sample

Type Sample is another service for defining a font with an extremely simple interface.

17. WhatFont

It is the extension for Chrome, which will help to recognize fonts on sites.

18. Сoolors.co

How to come up with a color scheme for the next project? It is quite simply to do with the help of this service. Thousands of combinations are at your disposal.

19. Stylify Me

Come here and you can easily get the color gamut, image sizes and fonts from any sites.

20. Typegenius

You need an advantageous combination of fonts, in addition to a harmonious color scheme. You can easily find the right fonts with this service.

21. Prototypo

It is simply to create a unique font. All what is required is to go to this site and include fantasy.


Infographics Tools

22. Vizualize

You will present all the information using a structured scheme with these services. Everything is done easily and simply in a couple of clicks.

23. Google Developers

Google Developers are tools from google for creating charts and graphs.

24. InFoto Free

The tool for those who take pictures with Android-smartphones. You can create infographics on EXIF data from the phone with it.

25. Infogr.am

Infogr.amis the free tool for creating charts, charts and maps with the ability to download audio and video to create interactive infographics.

Social Networks Tools

26. LinkedIn

Linkedin is social network for finding business contacts.


27. Buzzlike

You can create your own sequence of posts in Facebook, “Classmates”, “VKontakte”, YouTube, “My World” here. There are convenient templates for messages with the ability to attach files.

28. SmmBox

SmmBox is the xpansion of the browser to plan the exit of posts in social networks. It allows you to publish articles and messages from other resources.

Webinars Tools

29. WizIQ

WizIQ is the platform for webinars. There is no need to use third-party programs because of rich functionality.


30. GoToMeeting

You can create your own webinars here. Citrix has proven itself in the software market.

31. Tokbox

This service allows you to add video, audio and various messages to your resource.

32. AnyMeeting

The service allows you to conduct a webinar, integrate it into social networks. It is possible to display your monitor during the webinar.

Generators of Landings Tools

33. Landingi

Landingiis the platform for creating landings. At your service are editor and templates, integration and A / B tests, as well as mail and analytics.

34. ZenLend

ZenLendis the generator made especially for beginners. There is an opportunity to attach the lending to your domain.

35. InVision

It is a system for joint development of site and application mockups. The technology of work is built on interactions.


Photostocks Tools

36. Clip.dn.ua

Clip.dn.uais intended for free photo-exchanger. Here you can download cliparts, and also upload your own.

37. morgueFile

MorgueFile is free photo archive of images in high quality.

38. Free range

Subscribe and download images for free! You can also use reverse image search tool to find image source url.

Plugins for wordpress

39. C-metrics

The plugin allows you to evaluate the popularity (comments, views) of blog posts. It uses information from google analytics to do this.

40. End Page Slide Box

The user, after reading your article, will be able to see a small banner. You can place your offer or call-to-action in a small window. On average, the conversion of such a banner is 8.7%.

41. CoSchedule

You can plan the output of your articles on social networks.

42. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP helps to promote your product on the Internet. The plugin “pulls” related content from other sites to yours.


43. Salesforce Pardot

It is great opportunity to accelerate the sales funnel with this service.


44. Dimensions

Dimensions is the extension for Chrome. You can learn the size of the objects and the distance between them on any web page with it.

45. resize My Browser

How does the site look on your phone or tablet? It would be interesting to know. Try to find out the answer on this resource.

46. Web designer cheklist

You need to bite your elbows no longer, if you gave up the layout and forgot something in it to finish it. You need a checklist for the web designer.

47. Designers Toolbox

Why do you keep everything in mind? You can use convenient tips and tools for designers. And you leave your memory for vacation planning as a bonus.

48. Glavred helps

Glavred helps clear the text of verbal debris, suggests how to make it laconic, informative and clear.

49. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumois for you if you want to write a good article, enter the topic of the article and find out what is popular and how much. Take for example and make the material better. There is a free version with a cut-down functionality.

50. Placeit

If you need to visualize a book, a brochure, a guide, a site or a landing you can just upload a photo and get images in high quality with Placeit.

51. ThingLink

This service allows you to create interactive elements in the image. By clicking on the special icons, the user will be able to watch the video or add the product to the trash.

52. Easel.ly

You will find templates for infographic on this resource. All elements can be customized and edited. You can add your own graphics in addition to working with the library of elements

53. Piktochart

Piktochartis the tool that helps create infographics based on the entered data. On the site – the editor for schemes, sets of fonts and pictures.

54. Buffer

Buffer is convenient post scheduler in social networks. Also in it you can see the analyst.

55. Hootsuite

Hootsuiteis designed for control panel of company accounts in social media. It allows you to manage accounts in several social networks, track brand mentions and analyze traffic.

56. Feedman

Feedmanis a service that helps to plan the publication of content on social networks. it’s easy to use just attaching video, audio to create your content.

57. Issuu

Issuu is a site where you can post your presentation, as well as see the presentations of other community members.


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Choose from this list what is best SEO Tools for Content Marketing for you. Remember that these are just tools that require the right approach and are not 100% a panacea for all ills.



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