Top 7 Peaceful Destinations to Visit in India


Are you tired of your regular life? Is the city’s hustle-bustle and constant pressures in life making you stressed? Then, it’s time to break the stress with a relaxing vacation. When I mention relaxation, it’s not just the physical ease but it is about mental peace. One needs to search for a place of calm and solitude to reconnect with self again. When people talk of India, all one imagines is a lot of people just moving around relentlessly. In reality, you’ll be surprised at the number of peaceful destinations there are in India that have been delighting souls with their serene environment. Here are some of the places that can make for a splendid peaceful sojourn.

Ki Monastery

Enjoy the tranquil settings of the pristine Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh while staying at the Ki Monastery. This 1000-year old majestic structure resembles a honeycomb. Located on a hilltop, it lets you can catch an incredible view of snow-capped Himalayas. It is your ideal home away from home when you want to stay away from the hurly-burly of the modern world. Sit down to meditate for some good long hours while being surrounded by nature’s grandeur. If you do not get an accommodation in the monastery, do not worry. Just 15 km away, there is Kaza village that has accommodations, an SBI ATM, a petrol pump and other such necessary requirements. Choose your travel time anywhere in between May and October.


Explore spirituality and feel content in a city that has a unique culture and life of its own. Also known as the City of Dawn, Auroville is a spiritual destination that is situated near Puducherry and inhabited by people from more than 40 countries. It is one of the most serene places in India that attracted people from around the world who never went back and contribute to building the culture of this unique city. To reinvent yourself, you can meditate at Matrimandir, a giant golden metallic sphere with enchanting manicured lawns. Peace can be attained in many ways. You might just find it by involving yourself in alternative healing courses and environment-related projects. The city life, as suggested before, is very different. The eateries close before 6 PM and most mobile networks show poor performance. It is definitely a cheap holiday with great personal returns when you just have to pay INR 100 for staying in the guesthouses.

Kerala Backwaters

One may be skeptical but there is just so much to Kerala that many don’t know. Apart from the unmatched natural beauty the state has to offer, why not take a boat ride on the clear and calm backwaters. Spend an amazing time in God’s Own Country while eating lip-smacking local food, and staying at the traditional houseboats. Take your relaxation goals to the next level with refreshing massage and spa sessions. You can enjoy this and much more when you’re always surrounded by fenced coconut trees and lush green surroundings. You can go visit Kerala during the months of September to March. In case you plan to visit places like Thekkady or Munnar, you might need woollen clothes to keep you warm.


If you’re in love with mountains, you’re surely going to adore this hill station. Imagine holding a hot piping cup of tea in your hand while you stare at the mighty Himalayas! Absolutely wonderful, isn’t it? Soak the beauty of nature and watch the white shimmery snowflakes settle down on your skin, giving you a slight chill when at this place. It is also famous for having one of the highest man-made lakes. To achieve clarity of mind, most people meditate. But you can also get involved in winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Know that is one of the most popular skiing destinations in India and attracts several local and international adventure geeks. To enjoy the calm of this particular hilly terrain, visit it any time of the year besides the monsoon.


Colour your dreams in the vibrant hues of a rainbow at Triund. I was not joking. When you have one eye on the magnificent Dhauladhar Range and another on the thriving, a rainbow might just appear and will leave you spellbound with its beauty. Triund will revamp your experience of Himachal Pradesh with its rich natural cover all around and one-of-a-kind trekking tour through the oaks, deodars and rhododendrons that stand tall. If you’re used to trekking, the 22 curves may just seem like a warm-up to you. One should always carry rain gear as the region is known for getting unexpected showers. If you don’t trek that often and uncomfortable with doing it in the late evening, we suggest you start early in the day and complete it by day.

Kasar Devi

Explore the unfailing charm of the Uttarakhand region in all its might. Make Kasar Devi, located approximately 14 km from Almora, your second home and find yourself build a unique connection with nature. The vibrant natural greenery with Himalayas background is one count number one and there’s more to go. Don’t exit this place without visiting the Mohan’s Cafe where you can just sip your hot ginger tea with a spectacular view in front of you and soft 90s music playing in the background. Moreover, it’s a food retreat at the cafe with sumptuous servings of Indian, English, and Israeli food. Make sure you carry anti-vomiting medicines with you because it’s going to be a little rocky ride.

Dzukou Valley

Find serenity in the Valley of Flowers in Northeast India or the Dzukou Valley. If you are a nature lover, then you get amazed at the exotic cover of the beautiful flowers and green meadows at this location. The valley is located at the border of Manipur and Nagaland. It is blessed with natural streams and mysterious caves at almost every 16-17 km on the long trekking routes. It helps you explore new and rare varieties of herbs, shrubs and flowers of the valley.

Most of these destinations can be accessed through train travel. All you need to do is check PNR status regularly to remain well planned throughout your journey.


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