5 Places to Visit in Estonia


Estonia is a hidden gem of Northern Europe. Tourists come to enjoy a very unique local cuisine, medieval and beautiful architecture and various landscapes. Below you will find a guide to the 5 most visited places in Estonia, which you have to see during your trip.

1Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town is a great place to start your trip in Estonia. It is a big pleasure to walk on curvy streets surrounded by cute ancient houses and churches. Many authentic restaurants and bars are waiting for tourists as well. You can easily find a hotel or apartments in Old Town that makes your stay in Tallinn more interesting.

Beauty of sunsets in Tallinn is harder to put into words. There are a couple of viewing platforms in the upper part of the charming Old Town offering fantastic views of the Baltic Sea. Feel the fresh breeze and enjoy the fairytale view of the Old Town and its towers and walls, all the way down to the port with cruise ships and blue waves of Baltic Sea.

2Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa Island is the second fantastic place you couldn’t miss when you travel in Estonia. It is known for its authenticity, folklore, beautiful nature, thatched-roof log houses, windmills and moss-covered stone walls along village lanes.

You can easily reach it from Tallinn by car or by bus. It is possible to discover all the main tourist attractions of island in two of three days. Saaremaa´s capital Kuresaare is a cozy town with amazing old wooden houses and excellent Bishop Palace. Besides the city´s historical value, numerous cultural and sport events are held here, such as the International Opera days held every summer. Walking or renting a bike is the best way to really discover Kuresaare.

But if you want to explore the whole island and its major sights you need a car. Among the numerous sights of Saaremaa, several are worth calling special attention to: you will see a unique KaaliMeteorite Crater, venerable lighthouses, authentic Open Air Museum in Angla and many amazing views of the Baltic Sea.

3Estonia’s spiritual capital Tartu

Estonia’s spiritual capital Tartu is a home to one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe. Located in southern part of Estonia it is a great destination for a day trip from Tallinn. 3-4hoursin Tartu is more than enough time to see all the city’s biggest sights: The Kissing Students sculpture, Toomemäe Hill and Park, the main building of the University, Town Hall Square, St.John´s Church, Antonius Courtyard.

Tartu is always full of students, whose traditions are carried from the university to the city´s squares and streets. You can feel the student´s spirit everywhere in Tartu, even on Town Hall Square, home to good restaurants and cafes with tasty food and fresh drinks.

4The 13th century Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle, Estonia

The 13th century Rakvere Castle is an interesting place to visit especially if you travel with children. You only have to enter the citadel, medieval walls representing the everyday life of Medieval Times carry you back to centuries past. You can play knights, get familiar with firearms, visit torture chambers, partake in making gunpowder, ride horses, shoot a bow and eat delicious meals made after medieval recipes in local Schenkenberg´s Tavern.

5Cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm

Cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm is a perfect way to make your trip entertaining and varied. It will be an unforgettable feeling to spend a night on a cruise ship where you can find a variety of restaurants and bars, disco and cigar rooms. You will absolutely love the sceneries and breathtaking views of the Baltic Seaand fun activities for all ages on board.

Estonia is a small country, but full of surprises. If you have more time for your trip to Estonia you can visit also Estonia´s summer capital Pärnu, romantic Haapsalu known for its curative mud, a variety of national parks, Spas and water centres, the Estonian border city of Narva with its famous Narva Castle, Parnu Town, the cliffs of Heaven´s Hall, Kuremäe Convent, the bank of Peipsi Lake and amazing so called Onion Road.


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