Enchanting Destinations around Mumbai for a Quick Getaway


For the experience enthusiasts, nothing cures the longing of undertaking something exciting, rejuvenating or peaceful, other than a blissful weekend trip. So for such a wanderlust, here is a squeezed manual for apparently the most amazing getaways from Mumbai, that can amp up the whole experience of exploring the surroundings of Mumbai. Get ready and read ahead.

Everyone needs some loosening up, a long way from the vigorous lives they are living. Mumbai is home to probably the most engaging destinations for a quick trip in the country. Diverse spots in and around Mumbai do the needful magnificently.


Rajmachi Fort turns out to be the most extreme joy amid the rains. During this time of the year, the whole region wakes up as the downpour breathes life into the greeneries back. A trek to this fort during the rainy season is genuinely a charming spectacle! While the loveliness of the fortress will lure you to delve deep into its age-old history, the charming magnificence of the area will keep you mesmerized all through the trip.


You may fall head over heels in love with Igatpuri at first sight, for the luscious environs of this place are a retreat for peace seekers, and furthermore make it an astonishing getaway for an impeccable trek or moving up the green fronts of the slope inclines. This surreal place also has an International Center for Vipassana, which might come in need after the trekking outing is over. You can even go an extra mile to Bhandardara, which is an hours’ drive from Igatpuri. Best decision would be to take an Igatpuri to Bhandardara taxi.


A little more than a 100 kilometers from Mumbai, on the banks of the Kundalika River, Kolad is a languid town frequented by those who’re excited about rafting. Known for its spouting and rough white waters, adrenaline junkies visit the spot for day trips. major attractions and the best of hotels are additionally accessible close to the banks of the Kundalika River which extends more than 14 kilometers. Kolad is an ideal destination majorly during the rainy season (June-August) as the water levels and rapids are perfect for rafting.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ajanta and Ellora give an intriguing look into the antiquated models and artistic creations of distinctive Indian religions—Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. While Ellora is a bunch of 34 caverns that were constructed between 600 CE and 1000 CE, the Ajanta, is home to a the finest cut figures and compositions in Indian history. The most prevalent spot in Ellora is the Kailash Temple (Cave 16), which was intended to look like the Mount Kailash. In case you’re a history-buff and adore investigating old remains, then you should add these authentic gems to your Maharashtra schedule. Bear in mind to take an aide along.


Mahabaleshwar offers guests with an impeccable mix of advancement with an old-world appeal. Beside being oozing with magnificence, there’s a lot you can do here to keep yourself entertained. Advance toward Malcolm Peth, Moraji Castle, Mahabaleshwar Club, Venna Lake, etc. as part of the major attractions and sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar.


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