30+ Amazing Free SEO Tools for 2023


Here is a list of the best free SEO tools for 2023 which you can use to get over 300k visits on your blog/site.

Let’s begin with the SEO industry’s best-kept secrets: You can succeed in SEO with a podcast guest or getting booked as a guest on an already established podcast shows.


This is one of the most popular SEO tools available in the market. Thousands of SMEs and online marketers use Ahrefs to improve their online search rankings.

This tool uses a content explorer that helps search the web for the most popular keywords used to look at any topic. The basic purpose of this tool is to facilitate research and analysis.

LongTail Pro

As the new management took over, LTP shifted from being a mere downloaded application to a cloud-based SEO tool. LTP has been one of the most popular SEO tools ever made and by going on the cloud, its performance has increased 10x! It’s a paid tool used mainly for keyword search.


Nightwatch is an advanced, all-in-one SEO performance tracking solution, designed for the businesses aimed at scaling.

It helps to monitor and analyze your website’s performance, make smarter decisions, and make sure your website is growing with a healthy and steady speed. Nightwatch also offers competitive pricing; subscription starts with as many as 100 keywords.

With Nightwatch you can:

  • Discover, segment, and monitor keywords and backlinks
  • Visualize your data on flexible graphs
  • Perform site audits and competitors’ analysis
  • Get automatic notifications about new ranking opportunities
  • Create customized reports
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Search Console to have your traffic data in one place


It’s a free SEO tool that has been launched to keep track of all your search engine results and keywords. It gives frequent updates to the users via email alerts with rapid response support. It helps to monitor the flow of traffic on a site and also assesses where the site is lacking behind.


It shows an overall SEO-based performance of your website. With Seobility, you can determine how well or bad your site has been performing. Seobility offers you four big tools

  • SEO Check
  • Keyword Check
  • Ranking Check
  • SEO Compare

It has both free and paid features and is used mostly for SEO audit.

SEM Rush


This is a particularly useful tool for competitor research. SEM Rush is a diversified SEO tool which offers more than twenty innovative ways to look for your competition. The tool is ideal for paid traffic and PPC.

The most common use of SEO Rush has emerged to research keyword and the competition.

SEO Quake

This tool is basically a free browser extension for SEO. SEO Quakeis more likeMozBar except that it pulls far more of page’s data.

SEO Quake displays following

  • Google Index
  • SEM Rush Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Webarchive age

This tool is free and is mostly used for competitor research.


It’s important to remain abreast of the performance of your SEO. And that’s what SEOptimer does. It shows you on-page metrics such as keyword usage and user experience. You can also see your off-page metrics using SEOptimer.

This tool is basically used for SEO audit and at the end of an audit, it provides you with results along with necessary recommendations.

Seed Keywords

This is a scenario-based SEO tool. You begin by asking a question and the tool provides you with a shareable URL. When enough people have answered the question, the Seed Keywords gives you a legitimate list of real-life searched items! Basically, it runs on the scenario that you create and feed into it.

Seed keywords is100% free of cost and is an ideal candidate for keywords search!

Link Miner

It’s used to build broken links on steroids. Because it offers sophisticated services, Link Miner has taken the link building tasks to new heights.

Link miner extracts data from Facebook likes and gathers backlink numbers from tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, and more.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most assuredly the best free SEO tool available out there. From customer acquisition to behavior and sales, it displays insights into my types of data. You can connect all your Google accounts through Google analytics to get a better insight into data on those accounts. For many SEO users, it is a must-have.

Google Keyword Planner

This planner is considered among top quality free keyword tools. Owned by Google, the keyword planner offers valuable insight into keyword traffic, keywords, suggestion bids, and competition.

Keyword Everywhere

This tool is fundamentally used as an extension into Google chrome. Keyword everywhere displays search volume, competition, and CPC data for keywords in the Google search console. Moreover, it also shows supported CEO tools like Ubersuggest. The data in keyword everywhere is extracted from the Google Keyword Planner.

Yoast SEO

For WordPress SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is the undisputed master! It provides SEO beginners useful help to ease the SEO process. In Yoast SEO, articles based on SEO are scored as per several factors including keyword density, title length, Meta descriptions, alt tags and many more.

Screaming Frogg

This is a brilliant SEO software. Its features include scanning and analyzing different websites, and it displays the SEO data from your website. Screaming Frogg is useful in redirecting, showing any broken links, response codes, and other valuable data. As a desktop app, Screaming Frogg needs to be downloaded and installed before the use.


A free SEO tool which gives Google auto complete search recommendations for the inputted keywords. The keywords you enter into the Ubersuggest can also be expanded in order to view long-tail keywords. You can also use Ubersuggest with the keyword everywhere which is another famous SEO-focused Google chrome extension.

Google Search Console

Its former name was Google webmaster tools. Google search console is primarily a costless complete suite of tools from Google. Every SEO must understand how to use these tools daily. If used properly, these tools offer excellent help in SEO management. The GSC contains important tools for indexing, checking for any site errors, viewing site traffic statistics, backlinks and many more!

Google PageSpeed Insights

This SEO tool lends you the great help in assessing and measuring the speed of your website on more than one types of devices. This does so by providing you a specific URL. When you enter that URL into a browser on a device, Google PageSpeed insights will test the performance and loading time of your site on desktop and mobile devices. Not only that, but Google PageSpeed insights will also suggest opportunities to help you improve user site experience on your website.


If you are running out of ideas for keywords, keywordtool.io is here to help! This tool generates hundreds of ideas for keywords all based on a single word. Operating it is fairly simple. All you need is to enter a keyword, and then the keyword tool returns with several hundred long-tail keyword ideas. If you need to generate keywords, this is your tool.

Moz Link Explorer

Moz link explorer provides you with a detailed overview of your website, its pages, and links. You can find this tool for free. Moz link explorer’s free version lets you have a look at a full range link analysis, including the most impressive links that point to you and all those pages you linked to.


This is a tool specifically created to provide help to companies in increasing organic traffic without further backlinks or having to post more content. The ClickFlow enables companies to automatically determine the pages on their website that have the most potential to generate revenues. For instances, pages with high impression count but quite a low click-through rate. Based on this information, the ClickFlow will maintain a track of headline tests and would help grow your click-throughs based on the search terms you already rank for.

Open Site Explorer

This tool is created by Moz and it serves as a link analysis tool. Open site explorer gives you a comprehensive insight into a website’s backlink profile including page link metrics such as domain and page authority. If you need to check inbound links, you can make use of the homepage to determine link sources and types!

Keep in mind that the displayed results have certain restrictions for free users, however.

Schema Creator

This tool provides end users with a magnified experience where they can find specific details regarding a certain organization on the search engine results pages. Schema creator enables you to customize your results, including the reviews, operating hours, events and other things. It means you decide how these items are displayed on Google and other search engines. There’s also a Schema app for use on mobile phones.

XML Sitemaps Generator

This is a rather unique way to have a website that ranks higher on the index. XML helps you create a sitemap for your website using both HTML and XML variants. In order for the tool to generate the sitemap, you will just need to enter the full http:// address of your website. For free users, however, the access to certain features is restricted.

Robots.txt Generator

Google bots need to understand what they are supposed to do on a website before commencing indexing. This tools tells them just that. Robotx.txt educates the bots about what to crawl and index among hundreds of web pages. You can always disallow certain pages if you needed to.

SEO SiteCheckup

This is the tool that helps passes relevant information about fixing the analyzed issues relating to SEO. Some important issues about which this tool offers checkup include speed, security, and usability on mobile devices. All you need is to enter a URL to see the performance of your website.


Duplicated content is severely toxic for your SEO performance. It is imperative for you to ensure that there is no duplicate content on your site. This is what this tool helps you with and it’s simple to operate. Simply enter the URL and click go. This will take you to all the pages containing common, duplicate, and unique content. If there are any broken links on the site, Siteliner will also help them identify.

This allows you one free check every month but you can sign up for premium version for free.


This tool is meant for those interested in DIYU SEO. Just like any other tool, inputting your URL will lead you to search results purview. In order to proceed, make sure your website is connected to Google analytics. QuickSprout sends you personalized messages about what needs to be done for improvement.


With the help of this tool, you can determine which solution works better for you. Optimizely offers important suggestions supported by live traffic and visitor data. It is something that allows your SEO marketing team and developers to collaborate together.

Incognito Mode Google Search

You don’t always need to look for external solutions. At times, what you need is already there. Surfing for keywords in incognito mode is a good way to assess how your SEO is performing. Incognito does not allow for auto fill keywords, so what you are seeing is exactly how Google ranks it.

SEO PowerSuite

This tool is incredibly powerful, effective, and result-oriented. The best part about it is that you don’t need to possess more than a beginners’ level understanding of how SEO works. With SEO PowerSuite, you can effectively run and manage an SEO campaign of any strength. Whether you need rankings and website audit or you look for backlink research and link building, SEO PowerSuite is your most trusted and valuable companion.

SE Ranking

This tool offers you awe-inspiring automation. Because of such impressive automation system, its universe Google ranking checker produces 100% accurate and to-the-point results.


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