What Effects Mold Can Have on Your Roof?


If you spot any signs of mold on your roof, it is no less than a nightmare. But you need to deal with it anyway to keep your roof and property saved from the damages. You can’t turn a blind eye to it and expect everything to be in the best condition. It would only complicate and worsen the issue.

Here are some of the effects mentioned which mold can have on your roof.


The first thing mold affects is the visual appearance of your home. If you don’t have a clean roof and walls, you won’t be able to attract any viewers or buyers to your home. It is important to stop the mold growth to avoid having any kind ofdark spots throughout the area of your home. The quicker you address these spots, the better it is to maintain the overall look of your property.

Shingle Damage

The rapid growth of mold and algae affects the shingles and deck of your roof. It won’t only affect the curb appeal of your home but also the structural longevity and foundation. You need to get these molds addressed by hiring the services of professional experts. Otherwise, it would deteriorate the quality of your roof shingle material and it would expire sooner.

Air Quality

Mold on your roof also affects the air quality for those living inside your home. The environment you breathe in must be fresh and healthy as you have tospend most of your time living inside your home.

Mold spores cause a mildew smell in your rooms which also results in the increased number of allergens which can make your family especially infants and old age people suffer from respiratory difficulties, nasal stiffness, irritation, and many other complicated problems. If this mold smell stays in your home for years, it would result in asthma and severe diseases.

Breakdown of Insulation

If you have a layer of insulation on your roof to keep the temperatures according to your requirements, mold can attack that layer as well. If you don’t notice any unexpected changes on time, the insulation will breakdown and air will start entering your home. It is also a sign which shows that you might need to get a new roof installed by professional Ann Arbor roofing contractors.

Temperature Changes

Since dark spots you get by mold can make your roof absorb more sunlight, you would have to facehigh-temperature level in summer. It would cause your air conditioners to function more to keep your home cool. So, in the long run, a lot of your money would go wasted on energy consumptions.

Structural Damage

Mold won’t just stay outside your roof. It seeps inside your roof deck and walls and even reaches till the foundation of your home if it goes unnoticed and unaddressed. You need to inspect hidden areas of your home to detect mold for the sake of avoiding any expensive repairs.


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