3 Hardest SEO Niches to Crack


SEO is a tricky business. Trickier still if you go in guns blazing without a clear plan for what niche you’re looking to establish a foothold in. In the game of SEO, not all niches are made equally. Or rather, not all niches are as easy to crack. Factors like competition, keyword volume and backlinks can all influence your success within your given niche.

Below, you can find the top 3 SEO niches that are hardest to crack, and how you could eventually crack them over time.


CBD is a chemical found within marijuana, but does not contain the psychoactive element found in the plant. The chemical has been advertised to help with a range of physical and mental ailments, and has often been quoted to help with everything from anxiety to physical pain.

CBD has become a trending topic in the world, and it’s gaining more and more popularity as celebrities, athletes and influencers have started to promote CBD products more. With this rise in celebrity endorsement comes a measurable increase in public interest, which can be tracked on search data.

Popular Mangools keyword finder tool estimates that the keyword and its variations  are searched over one hundred thousand times per month, and the tool estimates that the keyword is one of the most difficult in the world to rank for, giving it a score of 83 out of 100 (100 being most difficult) as a keyword to win.

Within the field of SEO, CBD has all the makings of an unwinnable niche. Huge amounts of search volume, paired with general searches where search intent isn’t clear will always leave SEOs scratching their heads, but if this is your niche, don’t fret.

CBD is known for treating a number of ailments right? So you could create a website focussing on one of the ailments CBD is able to treat. Perhaps you dig deeper into the niche,  and focus on CBD for anxiety, or go deeper and write posts about where people in Los Angeles can buy CBD oil to help with anxiety. The exciting aspect when it comes to a niche like this is that there will be plenty of sub niches that competitors have yet to go after.


The next most challenging niche to crack in SEO is that of iGaming. iGaming is the term given to online gambling, specifically, wagering of real money on sports or casinos on the internet. Gambling is one of the world’s oldest activities, and it is an industry that has grown in size and popularity over the last few years.

Essentially online gambling companies are financial institutions offering rewards for playing games. Some offer better value, others offer better features, while others can promise better rewards than any of their competitors.  Another key question on the minds of bettors and gamblers is how to win.

All of these sub topics and questions have led to the development of a number of very tricky SEO markets to win. The industry of online iGaming is one that is packed to the rafters with affiliate marketing websites, all looking to capitalize on the interests of eager wagerers.

This has led to somewhat of an oversaturation of the market. Both when it comes to operators competing for new bettors, and websites that review and compare bookmakers to give new users the best possible options.

Potential workarounds are again to compete for more long tail keywords that are easier to win. Maybe a phrase like betting sites could feel like an impossible keyword to win, especially in markets like the US and the UK, but digging a little deeper into what these bookmakers offer could yield results.

Weight loss

Weight loss is another SEO niche that is exceptionally difficult to crack, partly because it’s a topic that is so constantly updated with fad diets, and pseudoscience. The number of content outlets that promise that the next best thing to help you lose weight is just a click away is staggering.

Similar to the cases mentioned above, weight loss is on the minds of many people. Whether it’s those looking to fundamentally change their physical appearance, to those looking to quickly lose a few kilograms before a wedding in a month, this is a topic that is constantly of interest among the general public.

It also yields one of the most frustrating search engine results pages, because it is full of unverifiable SEO-optimized content that is targeted not to help people, but rather to make money.

Out of three just mentioned, this one is arguably the most tricky to crack, as the sub niches within this niche have more than likely already been mined. To be ahead of the game in this niche, one needs to be on the lookout for prospective keywords, or rather, diets that no one is yet talking about, to try and be ahead of the game once they have gained popularity.


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