Have Betting Apps Changed The iGaming Market for Better or Worse?


One of the greatest developments in technology over the last decade has been the implementation of mobile applications, or, apps. Apps have changed the proverbial game, in every single one of the industries they’ve popped up in, which is basically all of them. The case with iGaming is no different. These days, bookmakers are trading in their websites for top of the range betting apps, a trend that has seen dated websites neglected for fast, intuitive and easy to use apps. But is this change for the better or for the worse?

Gambling is one of the oldest human activities in the world. As is the case with all other ancient activities, it has undergone some drastic changes as years have gone by. Developing from two way outcome stone throws, to hundred outcome football games, the mediums for gambling have developed from rocks, to books, to fully fledged websites, and most recently to market leading mobile applications that are free to install.

The evolution of apps have closely followed the steep influence mobile devices have had on human life. What started out as heavy bricks designed only to make calls have turned into our very own mini information processors, that are all in all extensions of ourselves. And the more we’re able to do with these little blocks, the more freedom we have.

This is the gap in the market bookmakers saw as they continued to develop the functionality of their products. Moving from on-site shops, to corner stores, to websites, to mobile applications, betting operators have all had a vested interest in staying with, or even ahead of the curve.

The North American market is arguably the most evident of this, wherein operators have gone a step further in their advertising practices. No longer do we see bookmakers advertising their websites, but rather their betting apps, in an attempt to boost the convenience of their products. This trend has spilled over into the affiliate marketing sphere too, as these days, websites compare and review betting apps from all over the world to ensure users are well informed about the products they are interested in.

The issue however, is with the upward trend of users being addicted to some of the applications that their smartphones can run. Social media services such as instagram and facebook are responsible for widespread social issues, partly due to the fact that these mediums are so easily accessible. Apps have no doubt made life easier, but has that come with a cost.

There is no doubting that gambling is addictive, and concerns have arisen over the arrival of sports betting apps, as now, similar to these social media platforms, online sports betting and gambling is now accessible through the click of a button on a device that spends it’s time either in your pocket or in your hand.

The pros of betting apps? Well, from a user perspective, the introduction of these apps has made life unquestionably easier when looking to place a bet, however the cons attached may very well outweigh the pros. Either way, what can be concluded is that the arrival of betting apps has changed the face of online betting and gambling, however, whether this is for the positive or for the negative is up for debate.


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