Popular European Crypto Exchanges


Crypto exchange is a website that enables transactions with cryptocurrency and trading. The most common and trusted cryptocurrency exchange Europe is

  • BitBay
  • CoinDeal
  • WhiteBIT
  • Exmo

In this article, we will consider each of them.


BitBay is a popular european cryptocurrency exchange, the fastest developing crypto platform.

It supports Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. It is licensed in Estonia and complies with all the crypto regulations. The BitBay creators strived to build a totally safe exchange for a broad range of users to satisfy all their needs. BitBay allows buying digital currencies with fiat and exchanging it back for fiat. You can buy crypto with Euro, Dollar, British pound, and Polish zloty.


The exchange was founded in 2018, and since then, it has become the most often used cryptocurrency exchange europe. The platform provides a high level of security, 7 traditional currencies, and a wide selection of digital assets. CoinDeal is multilingual and supports 6 languages. It offers several dozen crypto pairs and the opportunity to work with stablecoins Tether and TrueUSD. Exchange for fiat money is also available: Euro, dollar, Swiss franc, British pound, etc.


Founded in 2017, this cryptocurrency exchange appeared in the top european crypto exchanges in the world. WhiteBIT allows trading with fiat and offers low fees. Over 400 crypto pairs. The company makes an accent on users’ protection, so it holds 96% of their investments offline. WhiteBIT offers numerous trading tools for clients, also smart staking, where users can earn passive income by holding their assets. The company uses anti-phishing software to improve the safeguard of users’ accounts.


It is one of the biggest exchanges by liquidity and trade volume globally. The exchange supports 12 languages, US dollar, euro, Polish zloty, etc. It also has its native currency – the EXMO coin.

The platform offers low transaction fees, low commission on trading with leverage, a cloud mining service, and the option when novice traders can follow experienced successful traders and copy their actions.

These were the best noteworthy and credible European crypto exchanges.


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