All About Gold Pendants and Their Types!


Neck jewellery has been around since the beginning of civilization. Necklaces and pendants are one of the most loved forms of jewellery. Necklaces become a bit extra if you are considering wearing them on an everyday basis. That’s where pendants come in.

Gold pendant designs are fairly lightweight and easily manageable. A pendant is a small design that is worn with a chain. The chain may or may not come with the pendant. Buying just pendants give you the freedom to pair them with your choice of a chain as well as chains of varying length… whatever suits you.

Pendants come in a variety of designs. If it’s for daily wear purposes, make sure you get a pendant design in gold. Gold is one of the most loved metals in an Indian household. Not only does it hold an ever-increasing value, but it’s also considered as an auspicious metal. No wonder, it’s the choice of metal for special occasions.

Gold Pendants come in a variety of designs – pendant with bail, pendant with hidden bail, slide pendants and double loop pendants.

The most common type of pendant is a pendant with bail. Most women wear these kinds of gold pendant designs. They have a significant through which the chain passes. The bail has enough space to let chains of any size or design to pass through.

The pendants with hidden bail give a seamless vibe wherein the chain passes smoothly through a hidden bail that’s placed carefully behind the main pendant. Sometimes the bail can get a bit disturbing for some people, go ahead with a hidden bail design. Solitaire pendants look quite stylish without the bail.

Slide pendants is another form of hidden bail pendant. However, there is no bail in the pendant whatsoever. Initial pendants are one of the most common forms of such design. Another type of jewellery where slide pendants make way is solitaire pendants. This type of design gives the design all the spotlight.

Double loop pendant has two loops on either end to attach the chain with. Double loop pendants don’t give you the flexibility to change the chain on your own since the chains are attached to the ends and not just passes. Such designs are famous with name pendants (pendants that has your entire name and not just your initial) and mangalsutras.

Nowadays, people buy their gold mangalsutra pendants and then attach a chain of their choice. Customize your jewellery the way you want to wear it as.

Pendants are still famous women’s jewellery since they add a lot of charm to one’s face without coming into the spotlight or getting unwanted attention. Pendants also make a wonderful gift option in jewellery since you don’t have to beat your heat over the perfect fit.

Gold pendant designs can also be customised into the wearers’ favourite gold shade from Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. You can also design your gold pendant in a mix of gold colours if you don’t love studded designs. Multi-coloured pendants are quite a thing these days!


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