Guides to Buy Wardrobe


The second and the most important thing in your bedroom after the bed that you have found is the wardrobe. Nowadays a number of wardrobes are available in the market as well as online. Too many designs and variations of wardrobe create confusion in the choosing of new wardrobe.

If you that this is the perfect time of choosing new wardrobe and are get confused from where to start and pick out your wardrobes which accomplish all your need and requirements? Don’t be stress about the picking of wardrobes; you are at the right place these golden wardrobes buying guide collections make it easy to choose your perfect wardrobe. Check out all these guides before buying.

Budget Consideration

First you need to consider the budget for your new wardrobe. Follow these tips

  • If you have low budget, you must need to search for the cheap wardrobe options, such as Alaska 2 door wardrobes is one of the cheap wardrobe, the style and design of this cheap wardrobe add cozy and elegant look to your bedroom decor.
  • If you want style and luxury in your bedroom interior decor, you must need to select mirrored and sliding door wardrobe, but these wardrobes are expensive.

How to Use the Wardrobe

The best starting place for buying your new wardrobe is deciding on how you will use it. The selection and choice of your wearing helps you in the selection of wardrobe. Follow these tips:

  • If you have a collection and often wear long coats and dresses then long hanging rail wardrobe is the good choice.
  • If you have a collection and often wear short dresses and skirts then short hanging rail wardrobe is the good choice.
  • For achieving more storage space shelving above the hanging rail, it’s worth checking if it’s adjustable or removable.
  • Check for the storage option of wardrobe, some wardrobe offer additional storage space i.e. a gents wardrobe is typically has the option of half (50-70%) hanging space with one or more drawers at the base, while a girl wardrobe has typically full hanging rail option with more than 2 wardrobes.
  • Ask the functionality of combination (ladies and gents) wardrobe

Guides to Buy Wardrobe2

Sizing of your Wardrobe and Room

One of the key decisions in the picking of wardrobe is the available space for the accommodation of your wardrobe. Check out these tricks:

  • Sure that you have measure more space then available in case of wardrobe having wide feet.
  • One of the wider dimensions is the bottom of the wardrobe and the skirting board on either side of an alcove can make it one of the smaller dimensions.
  • Pick out the wardrobe with the exact match of available space in the bedroom.

Wardrobe Design Option

Guides to Buy Wardrobe3

For the selection of your new wardrobe design, consider these options:

  • Freestanding Wardrobe: Freestanding wardrobe is the cheap wardrobe among the other, they have hanging rail option with wardrobe option above or below.
  • Sliding Door Wardrobe: These wardrobes are the amazing and latest collection of wardrobe. The sliding door of the wardrobe gives a pretty cool and contemporary look to the home interior.
  • Mirror Wardrobe: For achieving luxury in your bedroom, mirror wardrobe is the perfect choice.



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