What are The Most Common Family Law Issues?


There are several issues considered under family law. All these issues are handled by an experienced family lawyer. Generally, the cases involved in family law related to families and family members who get involved in some kind of conflict that need quick legal action. Also, most of the people think that family law is only related to divorce cases which are not true.

Yes, family law involves divorce cases but there are many other things included under the category of family law issues. in this article, you will come to know some of the most common family law issues. By looking at the type of family law issues you will come to know what all types of cases a family lawyer deals with. Also, you will come to know what is your family legal issue? If its there!

Here is a list of some of the common family legal issues:

Child custody

One of the most common types of cases that comes under family legal issues is a case related to child custody. When a couple decides to discontinue their marriage life and they have children, they have to decide who will be the primary custodian.

 In case the divorced couple has two children, decision making becomes a bit easier but in case the couple has only one child, it becomes hard to decide who will be the primary decision-maker. When the couple is not able to come to a decision, the help of a family lawyer is needed. The lawyer prepares a strong case and helps his or her client in getting the child’s custody.

Child support

In case the child of a divorced couple is a minor and below the age of 18, both the parents are responsible for offering financial support. The parents are required to provide financial support to the child until he/she comes under the category of a dependent.

In most of the cases, the parent who is not spending much time with the child has to pay more child support. Moreover, the amount paid by the parents for child support is decided by the judge considering the income of the parents.

Division of assets and property

When a married couple decides to get divorced, they have to you consider many essential things once the divorce process is being executed. As the couple generally shares a number of assets together, once they take the decision to divorce everything needs to be divided between them.

Generally, the divorced couple has equal rights in the majority of their shared assets, it is an easy decision made on this behalf. More specifically, the assets are divided between both the partners fairly, which doesn’t mean it is in the ratio of 50/50. If you are facing any problem at the time of the property division, you can take the help of a family lawyer. Only an experienced family lawyer will assist you in these tough situations and come up with the best possible solution for you.

Marriage Dissolution

When a married couple is not happy in a marriage and they decide to end the marriage, they can take a further step for marriage dissolution. The couple can file a case and wait for the court order for ending their marriage. The couple can terminate their marriage through divorce.  However, there are some cases in which the couple can take a grant for separation. In this case, court issues order considering a property, child custody, child support, and alimony but the couple remains married in legal terms.

Protection Orders Against Domestic Violence

In case a woman is suffering from domestic violence, she can take the help of the family court to get protection orders against the violence. In this case, the family lawyer helps her client to issue the order from the court to keep the abuser away.

Those charged with domestic violence offenses often find themselves navigating a complex legal process with significant consequences. The legal system takes domestic violence cases seriously due to the potential harm and long-term effects on victims.

To qualify, individuals must have experienced domestic violence or harbor a reasonable fear of imminent harm. The orders, ranging from temporary to permanent, may include restrictions on proximity, contact, and residence. Emergency orders are intended for critical situations. The court process involves filing a petition, providing evidence, and attending a hearing. Violating these orders can result in fines, imprisonment, or both.

Confidentiality measures protect the victim’s privacy, and the Full Faith and Credit Clause ensures cross-state recognition. It’s crucial to seek guidance from domestic violence advocates or legal experts for jurisdiction-specific information and assistance. Immediate danger should prompt contact with law enforcement or a domestic violence hotline.

Spousal Support

When a couple decides to get divorced, the female spouse often gets financial support from her husband which is known as alimony. This spouse and support help the spouse to get support in her living. Spousal support can be of two types. It can be either awarded on a temporary basis or it can be e given on a permanent basis, all depending on the situation.

All these six issues are the nature of family legal issues. If you are also facing any family issue which requires legal help, you must take the assistance of an experienced family lawyer. Only an experienced family lawyer can protect you by telling you your rights and fighting for it.

Make sure when you hire a family lawyer you consider his experience, knowledge and his dedication towards his work. By looking at some important points before hiring a lawyer will help you in choosing the right family lawyer.

A family law attorney can assist with various legal issues within families by providing advice on rights and obligations, preparing legal documents, negotiating settlements, representing clients in court, addressing child custody and support matters, handling spousal support and alimony, managing property division in divorces, dealing with domestic violence issues, and assisting with post-divorce modifications. They help clients navigate the complexities of family law and achieve fair resolutions to their cases.


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