Exotic fruits you’ve never heard of!


We all know our basic fruits on our fingertips, but there are so many unknown fruits around the world. Asia is known for exotic Food and fruits that are usually found within the continent and barely exported. Mother Nature has so much more to offer than the 10 fruits we usually eat and know about. If you want to know about some weird and exotic fruits, here is a list for you…


This fruit originated from South east part of Asia and is known as the King when it comes to fruits. The fruit has thorn skin on top, which is covered in husk and has an extremely pungent fragrance. This is considered as the hallmark of the fruit. Adding Durian to your fruit basket will make the entire hamper exotic because of the appearance of this fruit.


The hairy texture of this fruit might scare you a little, but if you peel it off, you can eat the delicious sweet flesh, which is quite sticky. There is a large wood type seed in the middle, which is not to be eaten or used.


This small and weirdly shaped fruit is also called duku. The skin is so thin that it is easy to peel off. The fruit has a translucent inner part, which is said to be sweet.



This beautiful purple fruit has a hard outer texture to protect the fragrant inside portion of the Mangosteen. The white soft flesh inside can be eaten and it is quite tangy plus sweet.

Wood Apple

This fruit belongs to India and also Sri Lanka. It has a hard rock type shell on the outer part which can be peeled off. The inside part is brown in colour and quite soft. The fruit has incredible medicinal uses and several Hindus consider this fruit sacred. In villages, they use this fruit to heal health problems instead of medicines.

Star fruit

This cute looking star shaped fruit is known for its juicy and crunchy taste. The fruit is also called carambola and it is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and calcium.

Star fruit

Dragon fruit

If you suffer from digestion problems, you should start eating this fruit. It is widely found in Asia and it has dragon type scales plus flames on the outer part. It is dark pink in colour and has black seeds all over the white flesh. The taste of the fruit is quite bland or sometimes tangy. You cannot get a great taste out of this fruit but it is great for the health.


Also called sour apples or cotton fruit, this is a huge fruit which is around the size of a baseball. It looks similar to the mangosteen and tastes sweet or sour sometimes. The seed inside this fruit can be eaten like a candy as it is quite soft and edible too. If you giving fruit gift baskets to someone who likes candy, include this healthy fruit!

All these exotic fruits are packed with health benefits. Try them yourself and pick your favorite!


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