Why Every Marketing Students Should learn Digital Marketing?


As per the survey conducted by Assocham, only 7% of MBAs in India are employable despite huge demand in the industry.

The reason behind this is a lack of required skills and education. Actually, these students have good theoretical knowledge but they lack practical knowledge. And the worse thing is that the numbers of business schools are increasing across the country but with no focus on practical exposure and development.

One does not learn marketing by just mugging up the logos and taglines of different companies. This is what you get to see in any b-school across Indian cities. The skills which include strategy making, generating leads using latest technology are just explained in the books and the practical knowledge is totally neglected.

When companies hire marketing students, they do not look at the marks and certificates; instead, they seek relevant skills which will help the company to increase sales and profits.

In today’s increased virtualization of marketing, the landscape of marketing has changed for better with increasing Internet population in India, maturing of Internet marketplace, an increase of spending in Digital Marketing and more than double returns from it, and explosion in e-commerce growth in India.

Digital Marketing is the new career option that has evolved in the recent times and is experiencing an exponential growth. Digital Marketing Skills are much in demand nowadays as brands are investing more in digital advertising than ever before.

Reasons for Marketing Students In India To Learn Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing is the future of Marketing

According to the business report, digital marketing is growing at such a great pace that in the coming future, it will totally replace traditional methods. With the growing internet users, MNCs and big organizations are spending a huge amount to attract an audience through digital platforms. This is the primary reason why digital marketing is obviously “The Marketing of Future”.

  1. Most Demanded skill

Digital marketing profession is among the top 5 professions in the recent times. This means that companies understand the importance of digital marketing and are hiring candidates those who have the digital marketing skills.

  1. Better Pay and Position

Digital Marketing helps to directly connect with the customer and get feedback in the real time. As per industry reports candidates having digital marketing skills get higher salary than other counterparts and are also placed at the better position.

  1. Digital Strategy completes Marketing Strategy.

No marketing strategy is complete without the digital marketing strategy. No, company or organization wants to lag behind their competitors and miss on other mediums of revenue generation. Digital marketing helps and completes overall marketing strategy where customers both offline and online are tapped.

  1. You Can Start Your Own venture or Earn as a freelancer.

Last but not the least an important benefit of pursuing your career in digital marketing is that you can start your own venture or you can earn independently, by searching keywords as “appoint a digital marketing professional” or “freelance digital marketer”, you will find numbers of people providing the services  startups to high potential venture around the globe.


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