10 Best G-board Alternatives to Enhance Your Texting in 2022


Are you finding G-board Alternatives for texting? Here are 10 Best G-board Alternatives to Enhance Your Texting in 2022.

Google keyboard has been the most popular English typing keyboard for a long time. Whenever you buy a new phone, G-board is one of the first apps you might be installing from the Playstore. Few reasons for g-boards exponential growth are Swipe typing and the excellent UI. Later, they also added google search, GIFs, voice typing, and emojis. All of this with the introduction of the Indic-keyboard made sure they establish their presence in people’s mobile phones.

But today, our needs have grown beyond emojis and English-to-regional language conversions. There are better apps that provide these features, some not as brilliantly as the Google keyboard, but some that have beaten it to become the best in the business. Talking of businesses, to create a brand, you need people to talk about it. Good marketing strategies of creating hype or a trend are the only ways you can reach people. Hence some keyboard apps even provide custom stickers, avatars, advertisements, and access to users to help businesses grow, which you might not get in the Google keyboard.

With growing awareness of privacy, people now hesitate to log in using their Google or Facebook accounts. Even though these companies have proved many times their reliability, people have privacy concerns. This is why the need for secure typing keyboards is felt. These will be some of the features that you might read repeatedly in the blog in which we tell you the best alternatives to G-board, also considering regional language typing experience.

Hindi Keyboard with Hindi Stickers

Hindi KeyboardFirst on the list and also the highest-rated Hinglish typing keyboard on Playstore is the Hindi keyboard app by Bharat keyboards. The keyboard is simple to use, quick to set up, and is highly customizable. The keyboard is secure so you can be sure of typing your passwords or OTPs without having to worry about them. Speaking of customizable, the keyboard lets you adjust its height, width, and make it more beautiful with themes or background images.

Hindi keyboard’s typing solutions are formidable. It makes English and Hindi typing easy by allowing swipe typing, and a well-aligned Devnagri keyboard. English to Hindi conversion, called Hinglish typing is also perfect, following the grammatical rules of the Devnagri script. Auto-correct is powerful but also customizable, that is, you can choose the severity of the keyboard’s autocorrect. The speech-to-text or Voice typing is tried and tested and proves to be a worthy addition to the keyboard’s already existing typing solutions.

What lights up a dead Whatsapp group? Sticker, lots of them. To lift the fun element of your WhatsApp groups and make texting enjoyable, the Hindi keyboard app has brought all kinds of stickers under its roof. More importantly, creating stickers is also possible. Pop-texts are stickers converted from texts that you type. Up to 25 characters can be converted to instantly shareable stickers. The app has a library of hundreds of ready-made Hindi and English stickers. You can create avatars and be the highlight of your group. Want to show more than just stickers? Make GIFs and animated stickers using the keyboard’s camera. They turn out to be great and the talking point in our group.

To make dull chats light-up with words, the Hindi keyboard apk also has inspiring Hindi and English quotes, jokes to laugh your hearts out, and Shayaristo ponder your thoughts on. All of them are instantly shareable with just a click. Along with this, the app has a clipboard where your previously copied texts can be stored, a Shortcut where you can store your frequently used messages to avoid typing them again, and 30 custom English fonts to beautify your messages. This Hinglish typing app has a rating of 4.6 on Playstore, making it possibly the best on the list.

Fleksy Free keyboard

 Fleksy Free keyboard

This multi-functional keyboard is insane! And of course in a good way. The smart gestures include swiping left to delete a word and swiping right to add a space. Swiping up could activate the keyboard and the swipe typing is recorded by the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest keyboard on the internet. And if you think this fast typing is limited to English, then you will be surprised to know that the keyboard supports over 80 languages, without any compromise on speed.

That is not all, the Fleksy keyboard can be personalized as you want with over a hundred themes to choose from, specially created for the Fleksy keyboard. The user can even create their own themes using photos from your gallery or choose from their own library.

The flagship Emoji-keyboard is another reason why this app is so unique. Thousands of emojis with perfect emoji suggestions put another feather on its cap of super fast speed. The keyboard has millions of stickers, GIFs, and a community where people can make and share these for others to use.

Mint Keyboard

 Mint Keyboard

Bobble AI’s Mint keyboard is already a talking pint of contending with the Google keyboard. This app is now the default keyboard for Xiaomi devices. It is Indian Made and ticks all the boxes of being a great keyboard. The Mint keyboard is fast, reliable, and supports over 30 regional and international languages.

The Mint keyboard has speech-to-text and the transliteration feature that makes it as good a keyboard as the previous two. With hundreds of stickers, GIFs, and emojis, again specially crafted for this particular app, you can be sure to stand unique amongst your family and friends.

The Mint keyboard suggests smart replies to the messages and avoids typing them personally. The keyboard is AI-powered and is sure to bring you the best possible experience. The 4.3 rating on Playstore is a testament to this fact.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

A quick typing app from none other than Microsoft sustains the intelligent technologies of the company and does justice to Easy typing. The keyboard allows you to type in over 400 languages, is completely customizable, and tries to provide the best emojis, stickers, and GIFs to the users. The auto-suggestions, auto-correct, and predictions of replies are the product of the AI used to power the keyboard.

Like other keyboards, the SwiftKey keyboard has a range of colorful themes, and options to create your own themes. You can change the layout of the keyboard and adjust it to your suiting. Since it is from Microsoft, you get an intrinsic guarantee of the quality and this is confirmed by the healthy rating on the Playstore.

Grammarly Keyboard

 Grammarly Keyboard

Who doesn’t know Grammarly? You must have seen its Youtube advertisement over a hundred times, but all the hype is worth it. Grammarly started as a Chrome extension but with the increased popularity, they launched their own typing keyboard.

Grammarly is especially useful for professionals, who need to type flawless messages, blogs or emails. But you have heard all this in the advertisement, haven’t you? The keyboard does the same thing and brings those features to your mobiles and tablets. Get instant grammar suggestions and if you purchase the Premium version, you get a more detailed analysis of your written texts.

The Grammarly keyboard also has an analyzer that shows how your blogs, messages, or emails might seem to the reader. Based on the feedback, you can modify your texts.

Font Keyboard

Font Keyboard

Unlike any app on this list, the Font keyboard is unique in every way. It doesn’t boast much about its pace and accuracy, which it anyway has. But what is special is the access to hundreds of fonts for typing. Depending upon your mood and the requirement, you can select the font which works best for you.

The fonts of the keyboard are not restricted to be used in messages, but also in Social media posts, stories, and anywhere else. The keyboard has a variety of emojis, exclusive to the app which makes it stand out again. It has one of the highest ratings amongst the apps on this list and continues to grow based on user feedback.

Chrooma KeyboardChrooma Keyboard

If you are a fan of RGB PC keyboards you are going to love this app. Chrooma’s main attraction is that it adapts to the primary color scheme of the app you’re using. It turns green when texting in WhatsApp, orange while in Gmail, and so on. It comes with dozens of skins and color palettes, including a cool RGB theme. There’s never a dull moment while using this keyboard. It has tons of skins and customization as well.

It also has various light modes like a color wave, color breathes just like any real RGB PC keyboard. If you ever get bored of the monotonous look of Gboard or your stock keyboard, this is the one that will refresh your typing experience. Besides colors and adaptive themes, Chrooma also has an extensive set of useful features, including gesture typing, AI-powered contextual word predictions, One Hand Mode, split layout, Night Mode, and many more.

Simple Keyboard

Simple Keyboard

The Simple Keyboard is, well, very simple. It gives you a simple, clutter-free keyboard that doesn’t bombard you with gimmicky features or ask you to hand over your data to “improve your experience.” It weighs about 1MB in size and doesn’t ask for any sensitive permission — in fact, it only needs single permission: for haptic feedback.

Since simplicity, privacy and speed are the main focus points here, the keyboard does away with features like emoji, GIFs, spell checker, and gesture typing. It’s not for mainstream users, but those who care deeply about privacy will certainly find this a great choice.

Typewise Keyboard

 Typewise Keyboard

Typewise is one of the most popular Android keyboards. It features all of the basics, including swipe and gesture controls, web search, GIF and meme support, themes, extensions, and more. Some of the themes are free. However, several cost money as well. Thankfully, they’re not too expensive. Pinterest bought the company and took the developers. However, another startup began development on the app again. The keyboard is totally free and most of the in-app purchases are just themes.

You can also switch to the default keyboard layout if you are finding it difficult to cope up with the honeycomb pattern. The keyboard has intuitive gestures that you can use to execute the basic operations while typing. The smart autocorrect feature will correct all the typos and provide useful suggestions. This best keyboard app for Android is available in more than 40 languages making it one of the best in the circuit.



OpenBoard is a simple keyboard that offers all the essential features you will need in a quality keyboard. The best part about the OpenBoard is that it comes with frequent updates so that you can try your hands on something new now and then.

The app has spell correction that will correct the mistake while typing. The interactive emojis enhance the user experience. The one limitation of the keyboard is that it lacks swipe texting, which we might see in the coming updates.


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