Top 5 Email Marketing Examples


If you are looking forward to having a rapid growth in your business the main thing that will surely help you a lot is the strong and strategic marketing campaign.

With the going on advancements the way of reaching the target audience have been totally changed. Various previous resources have been replaced by the new and trending marketing resources such as social media and email marketing etc.

Both of these marketing resources; works as a game changer for the growth of a business. Email marketing, as well as social media marketing, enables you to promote your business through registered app icon.

Email marketing campaign enables you to attract, the attention of a large number of people, to your business, so as to enhance it more. These campaigns include personalized and interesting graphics that works equally well for your desktop as well as mobile devices.

It is one of the easiest, fastest and convenient methods that we can choose for the perfect growth of your business. And it will help you a lot if you use this marketing campaign in collaboration with the different social media resources.

Email marketing

If you are looking forward to going with the effective email marketing you first need to keep focused on five different factors which are: –

  • Diversity Messaging
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Send-Time and Frequency Optimization
  • List Monetization

Top 5 Email Marketing Examples

Run keeper:

It is one of the best examples that we can provide in here as email marketing examples. Runkeeper provides flexible tracks to the runners and enables the people to get stick with it. It uses wonderful email marketing strategy to build an audience and to engage the previous one to your business. According to a survey, more than 91% of people check their email every day from which 66% get motivated by the email advertisements and go forward with them as an option to get one. Run keeper provides a very user-friendly email campaign and a strong and friendly marketing strategy so as to pursue the lost prospects also.

Uncommon Goods:

It is another best example of perfect email marketing strategy where we go for strong and effective call-to-action as a sense of urgency. Uncommon Goods is an online retailing store service which works for providing unique gifts, jewelry, and various products of home décor to its customer. This agency publishes their ad with an email newsletter with Urgency so that to prompt the act of the customers instantly. It is a human psychology that no one wanted to lose an opportunity and hence grab the options as soon as possible. Calling an instant action call is one of the most effective strategies in the field of digital marketing which really needs to excel.


Bonobos has already grown up its business by targeting the audience through effective email marketing strategies. Bonobos use interactive emails which seek leads to an action. The marketing strategy enables the customers to stick to its brand. It keeps on increasing the fun and curiosity among the customers and hence enhancing the impact forward. The organization includes email campaigns which need to have a clear call to action in a very smart and interactive way just by targeting the audience. It keeps on sending ambiguous messages to the email subscribers and customers so as to enhance its business much more.

Focus Point Global:

This wonderful site enables you to get huge database of email audience and hence enhances the chances of expanding your business more. It particularly focuses on the group of loyal group members along with adding more to the list. The agency believes in the simplicity and hence replicates exactly in their email strategy. The emails included are simple and impressive and keeps a capability of holding a large number of audience to it. It also goes for organizing Online Survey Invitations so as to expand its business much more.

Amazon Local:

Simple and impressive emails which attract more customers to the business, thats all.

The agency works by asking a single call to action so as to get instant feedback from the users. It includes a very impressive and interactive email marketing strategy which properly works on by asking the likes as well as dislikes of the users. The marketing strategy it includes is very friendly and interactive and hence is quite efficient of holding a large number of targeted audiences to its business.


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