How to Design an SEO-friendly Website?


SEO web design is the process of designing websites that are search-engine friendly. A search-engine friendly website makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl and index new content and make it available to the users online.

The more frequent the rate of indexing, the better it is for your site. If you update the content on your website often, search engine spiders will crawl it frequently and improve the chances of ranking on Google’s first page.

Recent studies have shown that the first organic result on Google SERP receives around 28.5% click-through rate, and the results on the 2nd and 3rd position receive 15.7% and 11%, respectively.

Beyond the 3rd position, the CTR drops by less than 10%, which means people hardly click on search results that come below the top three positions on Google.

Therefore, as a business owner, you need to ensure that your website is SEO optimized, has quality content, and offers a user-friendly interface for people to access it with ease.

Whle designing your business website, the first thing that should be considered is the source through which most of your audience will come to your site. Naturally, most of the online audience access content on their mobiles.

Hence, the first thing you should focus on while creating an SEO-friendly website that Google would love to rank is a responsive web design that works on mobile devices and desktops.

A responsive website works best when it loads quickly across all devices. So, you need to make sure that your website shouldn’t take more than 2-3 seconds to load. If the loading time is more than 3 seconds, users tend to bounce back from websites, which can lower your website’s organic ranking.

Next, you should ensure that all your web pages are indexed by Google properly. To ensure that, you have to include internal linking to different pages on your website. This will allow Google spiders to discover other web pages on your site and index them.

Moreover, internal linking is necessary to keep users engaged on your site for a longer period. When users keep moving from one page on your site to another, it improves the dwell time and minimizes the bounce rate to a large extent.

The next feature that you should focus on is website navigation. The internal pages on your site shouldn’t be complicated to access. If you link to inner content from your blog posts or articles, they shouldn’t be more than three clicks away from the source.

While designing your website, try optimizing the images and other visual elements to allow your website to load quickly. If your content is visually-rich, you should implement lazy loading on your website. This will speed up the page loading time without compromising on the user experience.

Keywords play an essential role in boosting the search engine friendliness of any website. Hence, you should also optimize your web pages with the focus keywords by including them in the page title, meta title, meta description, and obviously, in the content’s body.

The final important element that should be present on your website in order to make it search-engine friendly is the presence of sitemaps. Sitemaps guide search engines on how to crawl your website by telling them the important pages on your site.

This is important for larger websites as well as the smaller ones that haven’t received any external links yet. Sitemaps also help users navigate and contain vital information about your site’s metadata to help it rank higher on SERP.

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Your website design plays a crucial role in building trust in your audience. This is especially important for e-commerce sites where users conduct monetary transactions. If your web design is professional, people will trust it quickly and visit it often to explore the products and services. If your site is search-engine friendly, it will appear on the top of search results and get more visibility.


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